Yves (Hangul: 이브) is the ninth revealed member of LOOΠΔ and a member of its third sub-unit, LOOΠΔ / yyxy.

She was born as Ha Soo Young (Hangul: 하수영) on May 24, 1997 in Busan, South Korea.

She debuted on November 14, 2017 as a member and subsequently released her solo single album "Yves" on November 28, 2017.

Early LifeEdit

She was born in Busan, then at some point later moved to Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province (Gyeongsangnam-do).

She joined a dance academy in Busan, "Dance Up Academy"[1]. On October 25 2015, she appeared for the first time on their YouTube channel, on the video titled "Dance Up Jr : K-Pop Cover Dance". She appeared on several videos, that can be found in this playlist. She appeared on their YT channel for the last time on a choreography video, "Reddy - 생각해 : E:Na Choreography" published on July 15, 2016.

According to fanaccounts, she was a trainee under Hunus Entertainment (ELRIS' agency). She trained with ELRIS' Bella and DIA's Eunchae, and apparently almost debuted with Bella. Yves met Bella in 2014/2015 so she may have joined Hunus Entertainment in 2014/2015.[2][3][4]

Before joining BlockBerryCreative, Yves was a part of a dance group at D-Pop Studio (by Dream Vocal & Dance Academy), in Seoul.[5] Yves said she joined the group secretly because her mother was against it.[6] She studied really hard and ranked #11 in her studies at school, but in Grade 11 revealed her secret to her mother because she really wanted to become a singer.[citation needed] Yves was last seen with the dance group, a month before her reveal, when they released a dance cover (October 18 2017).[7]

On October 24, 2017, a blog posted a congratulatory message for 'Ha Soo Young' for passing Polaris Entertainment's audition.[8] At some point in the latter half of 2017 after September, Yves was accepted as a trainee at Polaris Entertainment.[9] Despite her audition not being ideal, as she was only notified the night before, she was accepted the next day after performing a song and original choreography. Similar to other members, she was transferred to BlockBerryCreative at some point in order to become a member.



Yves debuted on November 14, 2017 as a member of LOOΠΔ and subsequently released her solo single album "Yves" on November 28, 2017.

Yves debuted as a member and leader of LOOΠΔ / yyxy with members Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye on May 30, 2018 with the mini-album beauty&thebeat.

LOOΠΔ as a complete group debuted on August 19, 2018 at their concert LOONAbirth with the release of + + on August 20, 2018.

During the first day of the LOONAVERSE Concerts, on February 16, 2019, Yves sustained a small injury to her nose due to an accident involving YeoJin. She managed to perform throughout the rest of the concert; and while on the second day she had to refrain from dancing, she still was still allowed to sing.

Yves starred in The Gashinas, a 4-episode television variety show that began airing on May 19, 2019.

Predebut Reveal

The first teaser that BlockBerryCreative revealed was released on November 6, 2017. 


이미 시작 된 새로운 소녀의 이야기
(A new girl’s story has already begun)


The second teaser photo was released on November 13, 2017.


이브, 사과를 깨물다.
(Yves, bite an apple.)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


The third teaser photo was released on November 15, 2017. 


이브 가 만든 새로운 에덴
(A new Eden Yves made)⠀


The fourth teaser photo was released on November 16, 2017. 


이브 의 시간
(Time of Yves)


The fifth teaser photo was released on November 17, 2017.


나를 봐줘 이제
(Look at me now)


The sixth teaser was released on November 18, 2017.


날아올라 이제
(Fly up now) 


The seventh photo was released on November 19, 2017.


새로운 내가 날 알게 된 거야
(The new me finally finds out who I am)


The eighth photo was released on November 20, 2017.


all my life, by my life


The ninth teaser was released on November 21, 2017. 


Yves, clue(less)



The [Teaser] 이달의 소녀/이브 (LOONA/Yves) "new" was released on YouTube on November 23, 2017.

The 이달의 소녀/이브 (LOONA/Yves) "new" Teaser was released on V LIVE November 24, 2017.


  • Stage Name: Yves (이브)
  • Birth Name: Ha Soo Young (하수영, 河秀映)
  • Name Meaning(s): Soo means excellent/elegant and Young means to reflect light. So her real name (with chinese characters) means "To reflect light with excellence".[10]
  • Nickname(s): Ha Ibeu (하이브), Ibeu Day (이브데이), Eevie (이브이), Sugu (수구), Soobong-i (수봉이), Ha Soo (하스), Topema (토페마) [by Go Won], Soft/Squishy Jaguar, Sooyooe [by her friends]
  • Birth date: May 24, 1997 (age 22)
  • Horoscope: Gemini
  • Blood type: B
  • Birth place: Busan, South Korea
  • Current residence: LOOΠΔ Dormitory, Seoul, South Korea
  • Roommates: Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye
  • Family: Mother, older sister
  • Body statistics: 164cm (height), 46kg (weight), 240mm (shoe size), 12 (ring size)[11]
  • Education: Hyoam High School (graduated)
  • Languages: Korean (fluent), English (minimal), Japanese (currently learning)
  • Position: Undetermined
  • Instruments: Piano, Guitar (learning a bit of guitar for Loona Studio)
  • Hobbies: Reading, teasing kids, kicking Go Won's bed
  • Likes: Everyone, spicy taste, animals (especially her Shih Tzu 'Haneul', who's 10+ years old)
  • Dislikes: Fallen hair (from Olivia Hye?), cold things, knocking in the morning
  • Personality: Hard-working, motherly, chic, comical, witty, occasionally pessimistic


Single albumsEdit

Mini-albums Edit

Duet Edit


Variety ShowsEdit

Year Name Channel/Platform Role
2019 The Gashinas MBC Main Cast

Music Video AppearancesEdit

Year Name Artist Role
2017 "Heart Attack" Chuu Main
2018 "One & Only" Go Won Cameo
2018 "Egoist (feat. JinSoul)" Olivia Hye Cameo


  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • She was born at 4:50PM, in Busan.[12]
  • She is the leader of LOOΠΔ yyxy.
  • She is the second oldest in LOOΠΔ.
  • She is the oldest in LOOΠΔ / yyxy.
  • Yves is the tallest member.
  • She represents 'faith' in yyxy.
  • She was a trainee for 3 weeks.
  • Yves performed "24 hours" by Sunmi for her audition.
    • Because she said she could create choreography, she had to dance to a song by ODD EYE CIRCLE on the spot.
  • Despite her name ("Sooyoung") meaning "to swim", Yves cannot swim.
  • She used to model for clothing brand MariShe.[13]
  • She covered TWICE's "One More Time" with a dance group.[7]
  • Her role models are Suzy and Sunmi.[14][15][16]
  • Yves is a 'successful fan'. On her instagram Sunmi posted a pic of the fanletter Yves wrote her, thus acknowledging her existence. Yves managed to deliver her letter to Sunmi through her dance teacher who knows Sunmi's choreographer.
  • She has a strong Busan saturi (regional dialect from Busan) when speaking Korean, which is why according to her during a fan sign, she was hesitant to speak much. Nowadays that's not a problem anymore since she learnt to tone it down whenever she wants.

Family Edit

  • Older sister:
    • Yves and her sister broke through a wall while fighting.[17]
    • Yves is taller than her older sister.
    • Her sister once called Yves an "oogly rhino".[18]
  • Her mother owns a clothing shop.[16] She plays LOONA songs at her shop.
  • Yves helped her grandmother learn to read and write. (@The Gashinas)
  • Her mom brought Haneul (their female Shih Tzu dog) home when Yves was still in elementary school. Haneul's birthday is the day she arrived (May 1st). As of July 2019, she's 11 year old. She weights around 3kg which is considered very light.[19] She's a very calm dog.[20]
  • Her father and grandfather passed away.[21]

Childhood stories Edit

  • Yves was born in Busan then later moved to Yangsan. She attended school in Yangsan.
  • Yves wore horn-rimmed glasses during her school days.[22]
    • Back then she looked quiet and studious so her classmates were surprised when they discovered she danced to hiphop.
  • When she was younger, she used to practice track and field.
  • Yves: "In elementary school I was the only kid who had the $20 Beyblade board, so they had to wait for me to arrive before they could play."[23]
  • Yves: "Funny story from high school? I used to hide a friend's shoes... Sorry friend if you're watching"
  • Yves wanted to go to Busan National University as an English major, but she didn't take the CSAT so she's not able to attend university.[24]
  • A fairy tales character she liked or wanted to be: the Little Mermaid.
    • Yves: "My aunt owned a video rental store and she would show me The Little Mermaid every day. It was so pretty seeing her swim with her fins, red hair waving in the water, and I would copy it all the time. I remember pretending I had fins."[25]
  • Posts from her dated from 2013 were found on JYP trainee audition fancafe. She used the username "Saekom-jjang" (lit. Sour Queen, also a brand of sour candy she used to love in middle school. Posts from JinSoul were also found.[26][27]

Friends/acquaintances in other groups: Edit

  • Yves and WJSN's Exy came from the same hometown (Yangsan). Yves attended the same academy as Exy's younger brother.[28][29]
  • According to a fanaccount, Eunchae of DIA had met Sooyoung between 2016-2017 and they trained together under Hunus Entertainment (ELRIS' agency).[4]
  • She's close to ELRIS' Bella. They met in 2014/2015 and they trained together under Hunus Entertainment. Yves almost debuted with her.[2][3]
  • In 2018, Yves nominated WJSN's Exy and ELRIS' Bella for the Ice Bucket challenge.[30]

First meeting with the other members - First impression VS current image: Edit

  • She picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her (picked out of the members present during their NCT Nigh Night radio broadcast - Yves, Jinsoul, Kim Lip, Chuu and her):
    • ViVi thought Yves would be quiet. But after living with her, she finds her very funny.[31]
    • ViVi: "Yves was in these super feminine photoshoots when I first saw her but now she's a very funny member"[32]

  • Yves met Jinsoul for the first time at the dorm and JinSoul said 'Hey? We’re the same age' to her as soon as she saw her. Yves said JinSoul’s hair is really messy after she get up so she looks like a scientist who failed her experiments.[33]

JinSoul picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her:

  • JinSoul: "Yves had this image like she was meek and straight-laced, but she's so down-to-earth and the funniest girl in the world, a friend who fits really well with me!"[34]

Kim Lip
  • She picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her (picked out of the members present during their NCT Nigh Night radio broadcast - Vivi, Yves, JinSoul, Chuu and her):
    • Kim Lip: "I thought Yves unnie was a really mild-mannered unnie. She has become so different now..."[32]

  • Yves met her at a dance [?] academy, before joining BlockBerryCreative. Chuu was sitting very quietly in a cap. Yves thought Chuu was a quiet and shy person, and that she could befriend her because of that. She stopped her in a elevator to ask for her number. They became friends and ended up starring in a web drama together (a cameo) as a part time job.[35][36]
  • Chuu's first impression of Yves - Chuu: "[Yves] looked friendly but was somewhat cold. (Yves denied that statement) She was cold... [Adressing Yves] You were smiling brightly. So I wanted to get closer to her. And I talked to her and she was somewhat cold...So I thought "maybe I was wrong"...But she talked back to me. I could feel she was a very nice person."[27]
    • Since Yves was the one who approached Chuu first, she denied this statement.

Chuu picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her:

  • Chuu: "Yves unnie seemed very shy at first, but now she's the comedian and boss unnie :) "[37]

  • Yves was filming when she first met HeeJin.
    • Heejin: "I think the member who broke my first impression the most was Yves?! I first met her while she was filming. She looked very elegant there, because she was in a dress, with her hair down, in an unfamiliar environment. But when I saw her in the practice room, her casual attire was all hip-hop, dancing in a crop tee, short pants, and stuff, and she was dancing. So I was surprised, since [I] didn't expect her casual attire to be like that at all."[22]
    • Yves: "When I first met HeeJin, there was a staff next to her. And they said, 'actually HeeJin is only partially-Korean. Her grandmother is Russian.' And I took their word for it. [...] I really believed that. [...] After a week they said 'that was a lie.'"[27]
      • The staff pulled that prank often. Go Won also fell for it. Yves thought it was true because of HeeJin's nose which she finds very pretty.

Differences between first impression and current image: Edit

  • Members who picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time they met her: ViVi, JinSoul, Kim Lip, Chuu, HeeJin
  • To Yves, the members whose image changed the most from the first time she met them are:
      • Yves: "Kim Lip had a scary aura like I'd have been okay treating her as unnie, but she's actually sloppy."[32]
    • Chuu (said during LOONA Studio)

Out of all the members: Edit

  • Yves would want Go Won as her daughter because "she's so quiet and listens to [her] directions too."[38] (Go Won has changed since then, according to a discussion at LOONA Studio - Hertz yyxy.)
  • Yves would like a son like HeeJin.[38]
  • If she could go on vacation with one member, it would be Go Won.[39] Yves and Go Won have a "family name" which is the abbreviation of "eat until our stomaches explode").
    • Yves: "I'm the type to sleep while eating. When I wake up, it'll all be cleaned up [by Go Won]".
  • Yves: "I want to be born as Kim Hyunjin and want her bold confidence. I really often think that Hyunjin's confident demeanor is so cool. Truly something to learn from her...!!! You are so cool~" [37]

Group dynamics Edit

1997 line: Edit

  • Yves, JinSoul and HaSeul were all born in 1997. They're same-aged "friends" so they don't have to use formal speech and honorifics amongst themselves.

Yves & JinSoul: Edit

  • both were born in 1997.
  • A secret compliment for Yves:
    • JinSoul: "Yves is pretty too when she smiles".
    • JinSoul said that Yves has a 'first love' type of smile.[40]
  • A secret compliment for JinSoul:
    • Yves: "JinSoul gives good hugs, you know? When you're feeling down, hugs are very good for that"[41]
  • They attended the same training academy but probably not at the same time.

Yves & HaSeul: Edit

  • both are leaders of their respective sub-unit
  • both were born in 1997.
  • A secret compliment for HaSeul?
    • Yves: "HaSeul is a good listener."[41]

Yves, Kim Lip & Chuu: Edit

  • Kim Lip proposed a name for the Yves+Kim Lip+Chuu trio: "KimKamUn" (김감언) which stands for "unnies who can't deal with Kim Jiwoo".[42]

Yves & Kim Lip: Edit

  • call their duo "Lipves".
  • Yves calls her "Jungeunie".
  • both are leaders of their respective sub-unit.
  • both have a red shade as their representative color.

Yves & Go Won: Edit

  • yyxy members and roommates.
  • Yves considers Go Won her bestfriend in the group. (unrequited)

Yves & Olivia Hye: Edit

  • yyxy members and roommates.
    • Olivia Hye sleeps in the bunk bed above Yves.
  • They have kind of a love & hate sister-like relationship.
  • Second oldest and second youngest duo.
  • Yves sometimes call Olivia Hye "Ha Hyejoo" (Ha is Yves' own family name, as in she adopted her).
  • Yves is the member Olivia Hye likes to tease the most. She knows how to push her buttons.[43]
  • From anecdotes, it seems like Olivia Hye is trying to usurp Yves' status as yyxy's leader; leader "Wallabia Hye"
  • Yves: "Olivia Hye and I fight every single second though"[44]
  • Olivia Hye once jokingly called her her enemy.
  • They have an older sister as their sole sibling.

Yves & YeoJin: Edit

  • call their duo "YiYeo" (LOONA TV #436).
  • tallest and shortest member of LOONA
  • Yves sometimes pretends to be Yeojin's mom and calls her "Jin/Jin-ah" (such as in one of the Loonakicks).

Number 1s / picked by other members in questionnaires Edit

  • Funniest
    • Go Won thinks Yves is the funniest LOONA member. (@allkpop interview).[45]
    • Kim Lip thinks Yves and herself are the funniest members.[46]
  • Yves is the best cook in LOOΠΔ.
    • HeeJin thinks Yves is the best cook and HaSeul think she makes good teobbokki.(LOONA Studio - 1/3 Hertz)
  • Olivia Hye thinks Yves is the member who's most worthwhile to mess with is. She knows exactly what Yves hates so she can get a reaction from her 100% of the time when she teases her.[43]
  • If you were a Loona fan, who would be your favorite member? And what is their draw?
    • Jinsoul: "Yves lol (This was difficult to pick.) Her meek looks coupled with her witty talk."[32]
      • Note: JinSoul is now a Go Won stan.
    • Chuu: "Sigh... my bias would be... Yves unnie. Because she's a good dancer and has a pretty smile~ Her draws are the beautiful dance lines and the sense of humor that comes out once you get to know her"[32]
  • This member shares my sense of humor
    • Kim Lip: "Yves unnie and Chuu [both for humor]. Lipves <3, Yves and Lippie, never have a moment without laughter when we're together."[34]
    • Go Won: "Yves unnie makes me laugh just locking eyes with her. Comedian of the Month."[47]
    • Olivia Hye: "Yves unnie and I are a fantastic comedy duo"[37]
  • This member shares my taste in TV
    • Chuu:"I often watch nervewracking and sleuthing shows with Yves unnie and have fun!"[37]

Dorm stories Edit

  • yyxy don't do their house chores as much as the other members according to Kim Lip.[48]
    • Yves wants to be excluded from this narrative.
    • Yves: "Real cleaning is cleaning that no one notices".
  • Yves had to put off a fire that Go Won managed to start in the kitchen while trying to cook a simple fish stew dish. After that incident, she banned Go Won from the kitchen.[49]
  • Yves put her clothes on the bunk bed's ladder so Olivia Hye has to jump from the top bunk to go down. It frustrates her. (LOONA's 2018 IDOL RADIO appearance)
  • A fan asked for any interesting dorm stories at a fansign. Olivia Hye sleeps in the bunk bed above Yves, and Olivia Hye said that her goal was to cause the bunkbed to collapse someday. She shakes the bed from the top bunk all the time and something from the bed has broken off.[50]
    • Olivia Hye said she does it in retaliation against Yves' kicks at her bed from the bottom bunk. Yves would kick her bed from below, so she responded by making a ruckus from the top bunk as if slamming a desk. Olivia Hye: "It's a battle".[51]

Personality, preferences and habits Edit

  • According to YeoJin, Yves' personality is very delicate, warmhearted, kind, and innocent.
  • How Yves is described: "looks super cool but actually is a joker".[52]
  • Charming points according to herself: "Radiant, shining forehead, rabbit front-teeth, Unexpected-charm (behind the charisma, she likes cute things ><)" [53]
  • A phrase that describes her the best, according to herself: "As expected!"[54]
  • Yves likes to make other people laugh.
    • On her profile card from LOONAbirth, she wrote that the thing she's proud of hearing is "Yves is the funniest". She also wrote that one of the hashtags that describes her is #Gagman_Of_The_Month.[54]
    • On her re-written profile card for Orbit's 1st anniversary, she wrote that her team position in LOONA is "Bellybutton thief" (= someone who makes you laugh and clutch your stomach).[53]
  • Yves a very passionate person.
    • In a video letter for her birthday, her mother told her she has "too much passion".
  1. PassionMan🔥 is a hashtag she thought described herself. It seems that "Passion Man" is a nickname that some people gave her.
  • Yves has been associated with the Pokemon Eevee. Eeeve is called 이브이 (~ee-bu-ee) in korean, while Yves' stage name is 이브 (~ee-bu) in korean.
  • 'Soft jaguar' is one of her nicknames.
    • Yves: "My nickname is the Soft Jaguar. My solo song [new] had an elegant and chic concept so our label gave me the swan, but fans said I have charisma like a jaguar on the stage but have a soft side off of it, so they gave me this nickname."[25]
  • Yves has been compared to Snowball the bunny character from the animated movie 'The Secret Life of Pets', because the character has two sides like Yves. At home, Yves is cute and friendly and when she's out she's super charismatic. (KCON LA 2019 - KCON ROOKIES Interview)
  • Three things Yves always carries in her bag: earphones, lipstick, wallet. (NewsAde Teamwork Test - Butterfly era).
  • She's bad at waking up. Overall, yyxy members tend to wake up late before car pick-up time.
  • Yves usually draws swans with both a beak and a mouth, and sometimes her swans have wings + arms at the same time.
  • She has a habit of winking. Yves: "I used to wink to look pretty but it became an habit". Yves winks even during normal conversations.[52] Jinsoul once described that habit as "kind of an occupational disease".
  • The funny tears wiping gesture Yves always do is a habit she has since she was young. She said she does that when her mom doesn’t buy her the thing she wants.[55]
  • Yves likes to be called" Sooyoungie unnie" rather than 'Sooyoung unnie". "Sooyoung unnie" sounds awkward to her because she's from Busan. (Yves' NewsAde 59s Profile video)
  • Hashtags, that describe her, according to herself:
    • Profile card (Loona Birth): #YvesUnnie, #Meokbang_Fairy, #Busan's_Fairy, #Rich_in_Predebut_Pics, #Gagman_Of_The_Month, #Follow, #Follow_me_First, #Lady_Of_The_Day [54]
    • Profile card (Orbit's 1st anniversary): #PassionMan🔥 #YvesUnnie #SoftJaguar #BabyApple🍎 [53]
  • Food
    • Bubble tea/gongcha pick: black milk tea, 2x extra pearls, 50% sugar[56]
    • Subway pick: steak & cheese - egg mayo, extra jalapenos, hot chili sauce[57]
    • Perfume pick (likes or uses): musk, sweet
    • Yves' favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin Robbins' "Mom is an alien" (known as "Puss in Boots" outside of South Korea).[58]
    • She also likes pistachio ice cream.[59]
    • Her Baskin Robbins' picks: mom is an alien, new york cheesecake, chocolate forest[60]
    • She likes spicy food.[61]
    • She likes hot pot/shabu shabu along with Kim Lip and Go Won.[62]
    • She likes strawberry ade.[62]
    • She likes macarons.[62]
    • "Saekom-jjang" (~Sour Queen), a brand of sour candy, was her favorite snack in middle school. She liked apple flavor back then but she can't handle sour food as well nowadays.[62]
  • Fashion
    • Yves likes to wear crop tees and hiphop style clothes.
    • At a fansign, someone asked Yves what kind of fashion she liked and she responded that she prefers vintage clothes, generally secondhand from vintage stores.[63]
  • Favorite
    • She said she likes Go Won's stage name the most.
    • Her favorite month is May because her birthday is in May. She used to say it was August.
    • Her favorite b-side on X X is Colors. [64]
    • Music styles: R&B, hip hop, and ballad. [61]

Dislikes Edit

  • leopard print/patterns
    • As she's trypophobic, leopard print makes her face feel itchy just by looking at it. [20]
  • mint chocolate
  • Olivia Hye's hair that fall to the ground
  • things that are cold
  • knocking sounds in the morning
  • She hates bugs.
    • She usually lets Olivia Hye kill them for her if they're too big.
  • Horror movies and anything scary.

Physical condition Edit

  • Yves suffers from motion sickness.
    • Yves said she doesn't like attraction park rides: she went on one before (the 'Tornado') and threw up for 4 hours. She gets motion sick so easily she can't ride merry go rounds. [65]
  • Yves said she has low blood pressure, so moving her head suddenly while dancing can be difficult. [66]
  • During the first day of the LOONAVERSE Concerts, Yves sustained a small injury to her nose due to an accident involving YeoJin. She managed to perform throughout the rest of the concert; and while on the second day she had to refrain from dancing, she still was still allowed to sing.

Wishes and goals Edit

  • Yves said she would really like to take cute/lively songs like Kiss Later and Everyday I Love You and make her own version of them, with powerful and heavy beats.
  • She also would like to cover Kim Lip's Eclipse and Twilight and Taemin's Danger.
  • Long-term Goals: "LOONA and Orbits all being happy!!! Enriching a color that's unique to Yves!"[53]

Other Edit

  • Books she has read / received as gifts[27][62]
    • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince, 1943
      • Book she liked growing up
    • José Mauro de Vasconcelos, My Sweet Orange Tree, 1968
      • Book she liked growing up
    • 황인찬 (Hwang In-Chan), 〈 구관조 씻기기 〉 To Wash a Hill Myna, 민음사 (MINUMSA), 2012, 123 pages
      • poem anthology she received at a fansign & has been reading before going to bed.
    • 김애란 (Kim Ae-Ran),〈 바깥은 여름 〉Summer Outside, 문학동네 (Munkhakdongne), 2017, 272 pages
      • Short story collection ; contains award-winning stories:
        • Winner of 'Yi Sang Literary Award': "The Future of Silence"
        • Winner of 'Young Artist Award': "Where Would You Like To Go?"
    • 윤종신 (Yoon Jong-Shin), 〈 계절은 너에게 배웠어 〉, 문학동네 (Munkhakdongne), 2018, 268 pages
      • Received at a fansign. Book from Yoon Jong Shin (veteran singer), about lyrics he wrote for his songs.
    • 박막례 (박막례 할머니 / 'Korea Grandma' Park Mak-rye), 〈 박막례, 이대로 죽을 순 없다 〉I, Park Mak-rye, Can Not Die Like This / Won't Die Just For It , 위즈덤하우스 (Wisdom House), 2019, 344 pages
  • Gifts she received for her birthday, in 2019:[67]
    • HeeJin: Slippers
    • Kim Lip: Airpod case
    • Chuu: Long onepiece
    • Go Won: a tank top and a skirt both with leopard print. She got these 2 items of clothing from different stores so they don't match together and the leopard prints are different. She chose to gift her these clothes because of one of Yves' nickname, "Soft Jaguar".
    • Olivia Hye: a black dress. She asked for Yves' opinion on this dress pretending she was buying it for herself.

Her playlist / artists & songs recommendations: Edit

Discography recommendations Edit

  • She recommended several songs from Daniel Caesar, DEAN, Ella Mai, SUNMI, NIKI


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