Let's be thankful for everything and not have regrets!
- Yves's motto[10]

Yves (Hangul : 이브; Japanese : イヴ [11], Ivu) is the ninth member of the girl group LOONA.

She is the second oldest in LOONA, the leader of the sub-unit yyxy, and was revealed in November 14, 2017. Her solo single "Yves" was released on November 28, 2017.

In the group, she's represented by a swan, the color burgundy and the fruit apple. In yyxy, she's represented by the emotion “Faith”.


  • “Yves” is a male name of French origin and means “yew”.[12]
  • “Yves” is pronounced identically to “Eve”, the name of the Biblical first woman, who famously ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden of Eden. This fruit is commonly depicted as an apple.
  • Despite her name "Sooyoung" meaning "to swim", Yves cannot swim.
  • Her parents planned on naming her "Neul" so that with her family name her full name would be "Ha Neul" (sky). However, traditional fortune tellers thought that name would bring her bad luck. They named the family dog "Haneul" later.[13][14]


Yves' nicknames

  • "#PassionMan🔥" is a hashtag she thought described herself. It seems that "Passion Man" is a nickname that some people gave her.
  • Yves has been associated with the Pokemon Eevee. Eeeve is called 이브이 (~ee-bu-ee) in korean, while Yves' stage name is 이브 (~ee-bu) in korean.
  • 'Soft jaguar' is one of her nicknames.
    • Yves: "My nickname is the Soft Jaguar. My solo song [new] had an elegant and chic concept so our label gave me the swan, but fans said I have charisma like a jaguar on the stage but have a soft side off of it, so they gave me this nickname".[15]
    • Since # era, she sometimes also gets called 'Hard jaguar' instead because she's been working out and got some muscles.[1]
  • 'Sunfish' because she gets easily scared.[1]
  • Yves also called herself "LOONA's Baby Apple".[16]

Other people's nicknames:

  • How she saved some of the other members in her phone (as of May 24, 2021): Kim Aeong (HyunJin; her nickname is Aeong, a cat onomatopeia), Jo Haeseul (HaSeul; how Yves usually calls her), YeoJin (Im Macheol, from "immature" in English), Jungeun princess (Kim Lip; used to be "Kim Jungeun" because "Hey Kim Jungeun!" is how Yves usually calls her but Kim Lip got sad about it so she changed it, Souljjinnie (JinSoul) Kim Choerry (Choerry), Stylish bamtori (cute chestnut (멋쟁이 밤토리); for Gowon), Son Hyeja (Olivia Hye).[17]
  • Yves is the one who came up with ViVi's nickname "Bbi-hengnim" (a play on hyung-nim (형님), so "Big bro Bbi") and "Bbi-heng" because she has that quiet boss vibe. A lot of staff (stylists, makeup artists, teachers, ...) call ViVi by those nicknames.[17]


  • Characteristics: bunny teeth, sharp chin, long limbs, deep voice, jokester, witty, poetic
  • Charming points according to herself: "Radiant, shining forehead, rabbit front-teeth, unexpected-charm (behind the charisma, she likes cute things ><)"[18]
  • Charms according to other members: Powerful dance moves (JinSoul); Crispy outside, soft inside (HeeJin); She has a twist (Chuu); Long legs (YeoJin); She looks elegant off stage. But, when on stage... She's hip, Girl crush, Hip[1]


  • According to YeoJin, Yves' personality is very delicate, warmhearted, kind, and innocent.
  • How Yves is described: "looks super cool but actually is a joker".[19]
  • A phrase that describes her the best, according to herself: "As expected!"[20]
  • MBTI Type: INFJ[8]
  • Yves likes to make other people laugh.
    • On her profile card from LOONAbirth, she wrote that the thing she's proud of hearing is "Yves is the funniest". She also wrote that one of the hashtags that describes her is #Gagman_Of_The_Month.[20]
    • On her re-written profile card for Orbit's 1st anniversary, she wrote that her team position in LOONA is "Bellybutton thief" (= someone who makes you laugh and clutch your stomach).[18]
  • Yves is a very passionate person.
    • In a video letter for her birthday, her mother told her she has "too much passion".
  • Yves has been compared to Snowball the bunny character from the animated movie 'The Secret Life of Pets', because the character has two sides like Yves. At home, Yves is cute and friendly and when she's out she's super charismatic. (KCON LA 2019 - KCON ROOKIES Interview)
  • Hashtags to describe herself:
    • Profile card (Loona Birth; 2018): #YvesUnnie, #Meokbang_Fairy, #Busan's_Fairy, #Rich_in_Predebut_Pics, #Gagman_Of_The_Month, #Follow, #Follow_me_First, #Lady_Of_The_Day Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • If she could have a superpower it would be invisibility. When she feels embarrassed, she could just hide when she needs. To hide somewhere quickly as if she didn't exist.[21]
  • Self written profile, 2020 Weekly Idol edition[10]
    • Motto: Let's be thankful for everything and not have regrets!
    • Personality: Fun, passionate, meticulous, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside
    • Hobbies: observing the members, listening to meditation music (Olivia Hye probably influenced her), humming, dancing, shopping (and online shopping on Coupang)
    • Strength: Speaking skills that bewitch people, diligent at my line of work, reverse charm
    • Weakness: sunfish [easily scared], weak stomach, cries easily
    • She can surpass Chuu in: sexy-cutie, impersonating, imitating all 12 members, being funny, satoori, strength training
    • She wants Choerry's ability in: slyly pretending not to hear the unnies~ ^^
    • Lately interested in: oriental medicine, comments, meditation, MBTI, how to be a good unnie ^^
  • Her personality according to other members: passionate (Olivia Hye); easy-going (JinSoul); She's good at comforting other people (Kim Lip & Chuu); She's a good listener (YeoJin); She gets hurt easily (Olivia Hye & others)[1]
  • Yves: "I feel happy when I take care of someone."[1]
  • "What does she do better than anyone in the team?" according to other members: Cooking (JinSoul); Muscles (Chuu); Her body; Running; She's good at summarizing what we said(Olivia Hye); She's a great speaker (Chuu)[1]
  • According to Kim Lip, Yves is very logical when it comes to her purchasing decisions, so much so that she can join the Refund Sisters. As a leader, she can convey her thoughts to the managers and producers.[22]
  • According to herself, she is very thorough but inefficient in practices because she has to physically practice every aspect, thus draining her energy, especially physically, as they were stressful.[23]
  • She is prone to get stress-related insomnia, but also become lethargic.


Q: If you could do it again, would you still be an idol?

This beautiful moment in my life that is this colorful picture called "LOONA". It's an honor to be able to spend time in it. More than anything, I've gotten so comfortable I often forget the will my members give me. When I'm by myself I become different and worry a lot. I also tend to cry often but because the members are here, I think I become a more positive and good person. Without a doubt I would debut again. I would work just a little harder so that I could debut as a more impressive Yves.
— Yves' answer on DEEP DIVE: LOONA @13:37

Q: What does Orbit mean to you?

This beautiful moment in my life that is this colorful picture called "LOONA". It's an honor to be able to spend time in it. More than anything, I've gotten so comfortable I often forget the will my members give me. When I'm by myself I become different and worry a lot. I also tend to cry often but because the members are here, I think I become a more positive and good person. Without a doubt I would debut again. I would work just a little harder so that I could debut as a more impressive Yves.
— Yves' answer on DEEP DIVE: LOONA @7:42


  • Her role models are Suzy and Sunmi.[24][25][26]
  • Yves is a 'successful fan'. On her instagram Sunmi posted a pic of the fanletter Yves wrote her, thus acknowledging her existence. Yves managed to deliver her letter to Sunmi through her dance teacher who knows Sunmi's choreographer.
  • The other members of yyxy (Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye) are also her roommates.
  • Yves used to be the tallest member but Olivia Hye might have grown taller than her.
  • If she didn't have a swan as a representative animal she'd want a snake as such. What matters is that she could beat a wolf (her frenemy Olivia Hye) as a snake.[27]
  • With Chuu she imagined what could be the other members' representative fruits (or food): avocado for HeeJin (previously they chose banana for me), shine muscat (an expensive variety of grape) for HyunJin, pistachio for Haseul, blueberry for YeoJin (preiously a kumquat), sweet potato for ViVi, sweet pumpkin for Kim Lip, asparagus for Jinsoul, an onion for Choerry [27]
  • Yves calls HeeJin her "rival in being passionate"[10], and HeeJin said that Yves was the most similar member to her, because of that aspect of their personality. Yves said that "HeeJin can digest any genre into her style." and that's what she does best in LOONA.[28]
  • Yves hosts Fact In Star as special MC in 2020-2021, but when the group was there as guest while promoting Why Not, she was temporarily replaced by Exy, the leader of Cosmic Girls (WJSN). Both of them are from Busan, and Cosmic Girls has 13 members in the full squad.
  • She is friends with dancer and Street Woman Fighter contestant Rozalin.

Members impressions[]

Most changes[]

  • Members who picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time they met her: ViVi, JinSoul, Kim Lip, Chuu, HeeJin
  • To Yves, the members whose image changed the most from the first time she met them are:


  • She picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her (picked out of the members present during their NCT Nigh Night radio broadcast - Yves, Jinsoul, Kim Lip, Chuu and her):
    • ViVi thought Yves would be quiet. But after living with her, she finds her very funny.[44]
    • ViVi: "Yves was in these super feminine photoshoots when I first saw her but now she's a very funny member"[45]


  • Yves met Jinsoul for the first time at the dorm and JinSoul said 'Hey? We’re the same age' to her as soon as she saw her. Yves said JinSoul’s hair is really messy after she get up so she looks like a scientist who failed her experiments.[47]
  • JinSoul picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her:
    • JinSoul: "Yves had this image like she was meek and straight-laced, but she's so down-to-earth and the funniest girl in the world, a friend who fits really well with me!"[48]

Kim Lip

  • Kim Lip picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her (picked out of the members present during their NCT Nigh Night radio broadcast - Vivi, Yves, JinSoul, Chuu and her):
    • Kim Lip: "I thought Yves unnie was a really mild-mannered unnie. She has become so different now..."[45]


  • They describe their first meeting in details during the Frequency of the Moon Ep.6 VLIVE.
  • Yves met her at an academy, before joining BlockBerryCreative. Chuu was sitting very quietly in a cap. Yves thought Chuu was a quiet and shy person, and that she could befriend her because of that. She stopped her in a elevator to ask for her number. They became friends and ended up starring in a web drama together (a cameo) as a part time job.[49][50]
  • Yves: "For Chuu, I first met her at an academy. [...] because of an intro for an audition organized by the academy head, we first met. But Chuu was wearing a baseball cap and a sweater, sitting with a sorta-sulky pose. She was so quiet. I didn't have any friends at the academy back then. So I thought, "ah, we have similar personalities. We could be friends." I'm shy around strangers too. But I made up my mind, and asked her for her number. While saying we should do our auditions together. So I got to know her. And we got all the way here. But now... Was that the wrong choice back then? It might've been a mistake."[46]
  • Chuu's first impression of Yves
    • Chuu: "[Yves] looked friendly but was somewhat cold. [Yves denied that statement] She was cold... [Adressing Yves] You were smiling brightly. So I wanted to get closer to her. And I talked to her and she was somewhat cold...So I thought "maybe I was wrong"...But she talked back to me. I could feel she was a very nice person".[51]
    • Since Yves was the one who approached Chuu first, she denied this statement.
  • Chuu picked Yves as the member whose image changed the most from the first time she met her:
    • Chuu: "Yves unnie seemed very shy at first, but now she's the comedian and boss unnie :) "[52]


  • Yves was filming when she first met HeeJin.
    • Heejin: "I think the member who broke my first impression the most was Yves?! I first met her while she was filming. She looked very elegant there, because she was in a dress, with her hair down, in an unfamiliar environment. But when I saw her in the practice room, her casual attire was all hip-hop, dancing in a crop tee, short pants, and stuff, and she was dancing. So I was surprised, since [I] didn't expect her casual attire to be like that at all."[53]
    • Yves: "When I first met HeeJin, there was a staff next to her. And they said, 'actually HeeJin is only partially-Korean. Her grandmother is Russian.' And I took their word for it. [...] I really believed that. [...] After a week they said 'that was a lie.'"[51]
    • The staff pulled that prank often. Go Won also fell for it. Yves thought it was true because of HeeJin's nose which she finds very pretty.
Yves first and current impression of the other members (as of March 2020): [10]

First impression

Current impression

HeeJin Only seen her on TV before rival in being passionate
HyunJin so pretty cute
YeoJin scary sunbae small and spicy
ViVi too much Bbi-hyungnim (Big bro Bbi)
Kim Lip "Huh she's shorter than me" Yvesflower (T/N: like a sunflower but always facing Yves)
JinSoul One to take action so clingy
Choerry celebrity has grown up a lot
Chuu cold city girl reliable counceling for concerns
Go Won I thought, "ah, it's her!" shower-mate
Olivia Hye scary comedic combo biological sister
The other members' first and current impression of Yves (as of March 2020)[54]:

Her first impression of Yves

Current impression

HeeJin elegant unnie Ha Swag unnie
HyunJin pure comedian
YeoJin tenderhearted unnie like a chef
ViVi big eyes comedian
Kim Lip unnie with many thoughts unnie with many thoughts and worries
JinSoul definition of well-behaved like me
Choerry quiet, pretty smile just a comedian
Chuu unnie who's like a baby giant humorous baby
Go Won adult full of passion, fragile mindset
Olivia Hye Seoul unnie comedy combo

Group dynamics[]

Pairings Units
ViVes, YveSoul, YveSeul, LipVes, ChuuVes, HeeVes, HyunVes, GoVes, RryVes, HyeVes, YiYeo '97 Line, KimKamUn, ViRryVes, Scorpion Line


  • She loves her dog Shih Tzu "Haneul", who's 10+ years old.

Pre-debut life[]

  • She was born at 4:50PM, in Busan.[5]
  • She was a trainee for 3 weeks.
  • Yves' audition at Blockberry Creative:[46]
    • She only had less than a day of preparation for her audition.
    • She sang Navi's "At the Han River."
    • She performed SUNMI's "24시간이 모자라 (24 hours)"
    • Because she said she could create choreography, she had to dance to a song by ODD EYE CIRCLE on the spot. She freestyled for about one minute.
  • She used to model for clothing brand MariShe.[66]
  • She covered TWICE's "One More Time" with a dance group.[67]


  • She has a strong Busan saturi (regional dialect from Busan) when speaking Korean, which is why according to her during a fan sign, she was hesitant to speak much. Nowadays that's not a problem anymore since she learnt to tone it down whenever she wants.
  • She had one on one speaking lessons with an announcer to learn how to speak like a Seoul person and tone down her regional accent.[72] Now that she has learned the standard Seoul language she's able to get hosting gigs.
  • She believes aliens exist somewhere. When she was young, she liked watching shows about space.[57]
  • She said she can see ghosts (such as when she practices late at night).[21]

Physical condition[]

  • She's allergic to dogs and cats (despite owning a dog). When she wants to pet one, she has to take meds. [14]
  • Yves suffers from motion sickness.
    • Yves said she doesn't like attraction park rides: she went on one before (the 'Tornado') and threw up for 4 hours. She gets motion sick so easily she can't ride merry go rounds.[73]
  • Yves said she has low blood pressure, so moving her head suddenly while dancing can be difficult.[74]
  • During the first day of the LOONAVERSE Concerts, Yves sustained a small injury to her nose due to an accident involving YeoJin. She managed to perform throughout the rest of the concert; and while on the second day she had to refrain from dancing, she was still allowed to sing.


  • She won a bronze medal for the 50m race at the 2019 Idol Star Athletic Championship Chuseok Special. She said she didn't have the opportunity to practice for this event so she just meditated on her bed the night before D-Day.
  • She had the shortest time to learn the guitar (1 week) before performing live for Loona Studio.


  • Yves said she would really like to take cute/lively songs like Kiss Later and Everyday I Love You and make her own version of them, with powerful and heavy beats.
  • She also would like to cover Kim Lip's Eclipse and Twilight and Taemin's DANGER.[75]
  • Long-term Goals: "LOONA and Orbits all being happy!!! Enriching a color that's unique to Yves!"[18]


  • Yves got herself a film camera.
  • Yves' airpod name: ro2yy2s
  • Three things Yves always carries in her bag: earphones, lipstick, wallet. (NewsAde Teamwork Test - Butterfly era).
  • Yves bought a toaster which she lent to HeeJin & Chuu for their 2019 birthday VLIVE.
  • She bought herself a LP player for around 50,000 won because it was on sale for about half the price. When Yves told her mom about this purchase she thought she was going to get scolded but she didn't. Her mom sent her pics of her old LPs; Yves cried about it. Her mom gave her her old LPs from her college days, bought with part time jobs money. Yves has played the LPs for Olivia Hye when she's doing her makeup. [76]
  • With Kim Lip and Olivia Hye, Yves bought a croffle maker.[76]
  • After Yubin (Wonder Girls) guested on Fact In Star (with Yves as co-host), she sent Yves an album and a hoodie since Yves is a big Wonder Girls fan.[76]


Gifts she's received for her birthday, in 2019[77]

  • HeeJin: Slippers
  • Kim Lip: Airpod case
  • Chuu: Long onepiece
  • Go Won: a tank top and a skirt both with leopard print. She got these 2 items of clothing from different stores so they don't match together and the leopard prints are different. She chose to gift her these clothes because of one of Yves' nickname, "Soft Jaguar".
  • Olivia Hye: a black dress. She asked for Yves' opinion on this dress pretending she was buying it for herself.

Gifts she's received, other:

  • Go Won bought her a cake (with oreos in it) for her 2021 birthday. [17]

Gifts she has given to other members:

  • Yves has gifted a bucket hat to HeeJin for her 2019 birthday.
  • Yves has gifted a box of mandarins to HyunJin for her 2019 birthday.
  • Yves has bought Olivia Hye a cake for her 2019 birthday.


  • Roses are her favorite flowers. She has a drawing of a red roses on her In Ear Monitor.
  • She said she likes Go Won's stage name the most.
  • Her favorite month is May because her birthday is in May. She used to say it was August.
  • Perfume pick (likes or uses): musk, sweet


  • She's bad at waking up. Overall, yyxy members tend to wake up late before car pick-up time.
  • Yves usually draws swans with both a beak and a mouth, and sometimes her swans have wings + arms at the same time.
  • She has a habit of winking. Yves: "I used to wink to look pretty but it became an habit". Yves winks even during normal conversations.[19] Jinsoul once described that habit as "kind of an occupational disease".
  • The funny tears wiping gesture Yves always do is a habit she has since she was young. She said she does that when her mom doesn’t buy her the thing she wants.[79]
  • Yves likes to be called "Sooyoungie unnie" rather than "Sooyoung unnie". "Sooyoung unnie" sounds awkward to her because she's from Busan.[80]
  • Wearing shoes while stepping on the heels, putting lotion for a long time, pronouncing "S" strongly, singing all-out in the shower[10]
  • Frequent interjections: "Ah! I'm getting stressed again!", "Ugh, again!"[81]; - "Wow!"; "So stressful" (while clutching her head);"Rock paper scissors, again?"; "Again, again";"It's me every time"[1]
  • Her hobbies according to other members: cooking (JinSoul), taking pictures (Chuu), self-reflection ("as much as Heejin" -- YeoJin), taking care of her skin ("I think she spends 20 minutes on skincare" -- YeoJin).[1]
  • Milk before cereals[21]


  • Bubble tea/gongcha pick: black milk tea, 2x extra pearls, 50% sugar[82]
  • Subway pick: steak & cheese - egg mayo, extra jalapenos, hot chili sauce[83]
  • Yves' favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin Robbins' "Mom is an alien" (known as "Puss in Boots" outside of South Korea).[84]
  • She also likes pistachio ice cream.[85]
  • Her Baskin Robbins' picks: mom is an alien, new york cheesecake, chocolate forest[86]
  • She doesn't like mint chocolate ice cream.
  • She likes her eggs sunny side up.[87]
  • She likes spicy food.[88]
  • She likes hot pot/shabu shabu along with Kim Lip and Go Won.[78]
  • She likes strawberry ade.[78]
  • She likes macarons.[78]
  • "Saekom-jjang" (~Sour Queen), a brand of sour candy, was her favorite snack in middle school. She liked apple flavor back then but she can't handle sour food as well nowadays.[78]
  • Convenience store snacks she can't get sick of eating: Hot chicken bar, Hot chicken ramen, O'Star chips, Honey Butter chips, Oh Karto, OHing, Maple syrup corn, Bungeo Samanco ice cream (which Olivia Hye recommended to her)[81]
  • She doesn't really enjoy smelly food[1]
  • Other favorite food: Tteokbokki, Malatang, Yupdduk, Honey combo [1], Lemonade Soda, Home-made Kimbap with sweet-and-sour sauce and fish cakes, Fried Croquettes, Bun cha, or Vietnamese fried spring rolls, sausage pho.
  • LOONA's Taste World Cup #1 - Food [89]
    • Quarterfinals
      • Jjamppong vs Kimchi stew ⇒ Kimchi stew
      • Chicken vs pasta ⇒ Chicken
      • Korean BBQ vs Tteokbokki ⇒ Tteokbokki
      • spicy crab vs raw fish ⇒ spicy crab
    • Semifinals
      • Kimchi stew vs Chicken ⇒ chicken
      • Tteokbokki vs spicy crab ⇒ Tteokbokki
    • Final
      • Tteokbokki vs chicken ⇒ Tteokbokki


  • Yves likes to wear crop tees and hiphop style clothes.
  • At a fansign, someone asked Yves what kind of fashion she liked and she responded that she prefers vintage clothes, generally secondhand from vintage stores.[90]


  • Her favorite movie is "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish"[89]
  • Movie recommendation: "Eternal Sunshine". She watched it after many fans had recommended it to her.[91]
  • Another movie rec: "The Polar Express"[91]
  • Movie she likes:
    • Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds - "Yves: I watched ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds’ again a while ago and my head hurt so much because I was sobbing."[92]
  • Taste World Cup #1 - Movies [89]: Along With the Gods (2017) as winner
    • Quarterfinals
      • Along With the Gods (2017) vs Snowpiercer (2013) ⇒ Along With the Gods 
      • Exit (2019) vs Joker (2019) ⇒ Joker
      • Zootopia (2016) vs The Lion King (1994) ⇒ The Lion King
      • La La Land (2016) vs Begin Again (2013) ⇒ La La Land 
    • Semifinals
      • Along With the Gods vs Joker ⇒ Along With the Gods
      • The Lion King vs La La Land ⇒  The Lion King 
    • Final 
      • Along With the Gods vs The Lion King ⇒ Along With the Gods

TV shows / Dramas[]

  • She watched the drama "Hi Bye, Mama!" with Choerry and Go Won. She recommends watching its fourth episode if you ever want to cry. She thinks she cried for about 30min.[91]
  • She watched the drama "Flower of Evil" with JinSoul and Go Won.[76]
  • She watched "Queen's Gambit" with Choerry.
  • She also watched "Love Naggers", "Start-Up", "The School Nurse Files", "Disenchantment" (animation).
  • She watched the drama "Mouse".
  • She liked the drama Mine (마인) (aired on tvn, 2021).[92]


  • leopard print/patterns. As she's trypophobic, leopard print makes her face feel itchy just by looking at it.[35]
  • Heights. She is also acrophobic, as shown when she was filming her solo single for New, where most scenes where film on rooftops and ledges.
  • Olivia Hye's hair that fall to the ground
  • things that are cold
  • Being Blindfolded. Despite being one of the best dancers in the group, she has very poor spatial awareness[93]
  • Knocking sounds in the morning
  • She hates bugs. She usually lets Olivia Hye kill them for her if they're too big.
  • Horror movies and anything scary. She gets easily scared of things, that's why she used to be called "sunfish" by friends.
  • She doesn't like how the word "쫠깃쫠깃" (jjolgit-jjolgit, which means "chewy") sounds. To tease her, the other members keeps saying the word in her ear. [94]


Wished songs / concepts
Recommendations / Playlist
I had dreamed of becoming a singer for a long time, and I lived the trainee life too, right? At the time, it was...This tiring... It was fun, but this tiring process, when would it end? When would I stand on a stage? I had lots of thoughts like that. At that hard point in time, when I heard the lyrics in this song, I felt like it was talking to me. I used to cry while listening to this song.
— Yves' song rec for Orbits: Han Gi Ran - Adult
in October 2018
I used to always listen to this song with my mother as we prepared the holiday meals. I picked it because it reminds me of how my mom would cook as she hummed.
— Yves' Chuseok song rec: Shin Hye Sung & Lim Chang Jung - Doll
in September 2018
I think it'd be nice for everyone to make songpyeon, listening to Sunmi sunbaenim's "Full Moon", and making wishes on the full moon on Chuseok.
— Yves' Chuseok song rec: SUNMI - Full Moon
in September 2018
Like the line that says I kept running chasing my dreams, and before I knew it I had turned 23. I want to recommend this song because now that I'm past 20, when I listen to it I can reflect on the things that are precious to me.
— Yves' Chinese New Year song rec: Sunwoo Jung A - From Me to Myself
in February 2019
If you sing this song in your head and dance internally as you're getting nagged at, you can have those words come in through one ear and go out the other."
— Yves' song rec - when you're getting nagged: U-KISS - Shut Up!!
in January 2020


According to Yves, the following types of shows would fit the following members (incomplete, Let Me Introduce The Idols Ep. 4):

  • Olivia Hye - My Little Television, reaction shows like I Live Alone as a panellist, competitive shows like Amazing Saturday.
  • HeeJin - Judge/Mentor in survival shows, given that she has already competed in MIXNINE, any show with dogs, Our Neighborhood Arts and PE, where she can showcase her passion and athletic prowess.
  • YeoJin - School concepts like Welcome Back To School, host of Tok! Tok! Boni Hani, a children program.
  • ViVi - Korean Keeper, travel shows to introduce tourism hotspots in Seoul, or become a night time DJ
  • Herself (according to HeeJin) - Radio Host or talk show host like Happy Together
  • JinSoul - As she is a better at reactions than hosting, Fun-staurant as a judge/panellist so she can react to videos and judge foods, I Can See Your Voice or King of Masked Singer panellist.


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