Yves[1] (Hangul: 이브) is the ninth revealed member of LOONA and a member and leader of its third sub-unit, LOONA / yyxy.

She was born as Ha Soo Young (Hangul: 하수영) on May 24, 1997 in Busan, South Korea.

She debuted on November 14, 2017 as a member and subsequently released her solo single album "Yves" on November 28, 2017.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Yves was born in Busan, South Korea, and lived there until before going to the elementary school, in Yangsan. She moved to Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province (Gyeongsangnam-do) for school.[2]

She wanted to become a singer since kindergarden.[2][3] As a kindergartner, Yves would always draw herself dancing and holding a mic in the ‘future dream’ section.[4][2] She fostered her dreams of singing while watching senior girlgroup "Wonder Girls" performing their debut stage "Irony", in 2007. Yves said about this: "I was watching TV and saw these cool unnies in uniforms singing and dancing. You couldn't not fall for them. So I wanted to be a cool singer like them."[5]

Yangsan being a small town, she had to go to Busan if she wanted to go to the cinema, Burger King and enjoy other urban amenities. All the academies were in Busan. She went back and forth between Yangsan and Busan everyday by subway and bus. She went to a vocal academy located 2 hours away from home and a dance academy that was an hour from home.[2]

She joined a dance academy in Busan, "Dance Up Academy".[6] On October 25, 2015, she appeared for the first time on their YouTube channel, on the video titled "Dance Up Jr : K-Pop Cover Dance". She appeared on several videos which can be found in this playlist. She appeared on their YouTube channel for the last time on a choreography video, "Reddy - 생각해 : E:Na Choreography" published on July 15, 2016.

Yves said she joined her high school's dance group secretly because her mother was against it.[7] She studied really hard and ranked #11 in her studies at school [8], but in Grade 11 revealed her secret to her mother because she really wanted to become a singer.[citation needed]

In 2015, Yves then graduated from high school. The message in her year book says, "Congrats on graduating", and her contact was left blank. [9] Korean students usually graduate from high school at the start of the year.

According to fan accounts, she was a trainee under Hunus Entertainment (ELRIS' agency). She trained with ELRIS' Bella and DIA's Eunchae, and apparently almost debuted with Bella. Yves met Bella in 2014/2015 so she may have joined Hunus Entertainment in 2014/2015.[10][11][12]

2017: Auditions, Reveal, Debut in LOONA[edit | edit source]

In 2017, Sooyoung became a fitting model for MariShe. Her pictures are posted on MariShe's website for the first time on May 2nd, 2017.[13]

Working towards her dream to become an idol, Yves heard that one's could get into a lot of auditions to become a kpop company's trainee if one attended academies (for singing, dancing acting...). In one of the training academies Yves attended, she met and befriended Chuu, who would also become a member of LOONA and with whom she would film as an extra in a drama (they appeared on the first episode of SBS drama "Part-Time Idol", in the role of fangirls) .

The last training academy Yves attended was "Dream Vocal & Dance Academy" (드림보컬&댄스) in Seoul, and she was a part of a dance group at "DPOP Studio", managed by Dream Vocal & Dance Academy.[14] JinSoul also got into Polaris Entertainment through attending that academy, one year before, in 2016, though they didn't meet. One day, Polaris Entertainment came to this academy to hold an audition. That day, Yves wasn't feeling good so she didn't want to audition and stayed in the vocal room but her sister convinced her to still give it a try. A month after the audition, while coming out of an acting lesson at the academy, ready to go home, she was notified at around 11PM by her vocal instructor that a director from BlockBerry Creative (sister company of Polaris Entertainment) wanted to see her audition once more the following day, at their headquarter. Yves apparently didn't make the first Polaris Entertainement audition but the A&R teams were sharing and reviewing her audition's footage so they were interested in her again. She ended up going to the audition even though she had nothing really prepared.[15] Despite her audition not being ideal, as she was only notified the night before, she was accepted on the spot after performing a song and an original choreography. They had her freestyle on a ODD EYE CIRCLE song after doubting her freestyling and dancing skills. 

On October 24, 2017, a blog posted a congratulatory message for 'Ha Soo Young' for passing Polaris Entertainment's audition.[16] At some point in the latter half of 2017 after September, Yves was accepted as a trainee at Polaris Entertainment.[17]

Similar to other members, she was transferred to BlockBerryCreative at some point in order to become a member. Yves debuted within 34 days of passing auditions.[2][18] The company had her begin preparing for her debut (song listening, song recording, album jacket filming...) starting from the Friday following the audition. At that time, she didn't know it was a practice for debut. Yves was surprised by how soon her debut would be and how immediately they made her prepare for it. Her mom thought the whole thing was a scam. "Shasha" (샤샤) and "Jelly" (젤리)were candidates for her stage name.

Yves was last seen with the dance group "DPOP Studio" one month before her reveal, when they released a dance cover of TWICE's One More Time (October 18, 2017).[19]

Yves was first teased on November 6, 2017. She released her solo single album Yves on November 28, 2017 and subsequently debuted as a member of LOONA.

The first episode of the SBS drama "Part-Time Idol", in which Yves & Chuu appeared as extras (fangirls) aired on December 12th, 2017.[20]

2018: yyxy, LOONAbirth[edit | edit source]

Yves later debuted as a member and leader of LOOΠΔ / yyxy with members Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye on May 30, 2018 with the mini-album beauty&thebeat. Yves recalled that when she joined the company, they told her "We are going to make a unit with a tougher concept than Odd Eye Circle, completely girl crush", and told her to look up girlcrush concept as inspiration, and study materials. It seems like the unit had a completely different concept originally.[15]

LOONA as a complete group debuted on August 19, 2018 at their concert LOONAbirth with the release of + + on August 20, 2018.

2019: LOONAVERSE Concert, XX, The Gashinas[edit | edit source]

During the first day of the LOONAVERSE Concerts, on February 16, 2019, Yves sustained a small injury to her nose due to an accident involving YeoJin. She managed to perform throughout the rest of the concert; and while on the second day she had to refrain from dancing, she still was still allowed to sing. She gave ideas for the choreography of "Satellite"; during the "I’m talkin’ bout you, I’m talkin’ bout you" part.[21]

Yves starred in The Gashinas, a 4-episode television variety show that began airing on May 19, 2019.

2020: #[edit | edit source]

Along with HeeJin, Choerry and Olivia Hye, she participated in the choreographing of #'s title track "So What" and was credited in the "Choreography idea" section of the credits. After the departure of MC Jun, Yves became the co-host of TBS "Fact iN Star" (팩트인스타 / 팩트iN스타), along with singer-songwriter Yoo Jaehwan (유재환). "Fact iN Star" is a variety show inviting a different K-pop idol group and/or soloists as guests, each episode. The show is uploaded and subtitled in english and some other languages on YouTube.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Single albums[edit | edit source]

Mini-albums[edit | edit source]

Collaborations[edit | edit source]

Filmography[edit | edit source]

LOONA LOG[edit | edit source]

Year Air Date Title Link Role
2020 May 8, 2020 JinSoul #1 YouTube Icon.png Guest
May 29, 2020 Go Won #4 YouTube Icon.png Guest (offscreen)
June 19, 2020 JinSoul #5 YouTube Icon.png Guest
July 10, 2020 Yves #8 YouTube Icon.png Main, editor
August 8, 2020 Go Won #12 YouTube Icon.png Guest (offscreen)
August 16, 2020 Olivia Hye #15 YouTube Icon.png Guest
August 23, 2020 HeeJin #17 YouTube Icon.png Guest
August 29, 2020 Kim Lip #18 YouTube Icon.png Guest

Frequency of the Moon[edit | edit source]

Date Episode Members Topics Chatlogs + transcripts YT EN
191108 EP.6 Yves, Chuu CSAT Chatlog YT ✔️
191129 EP.8 YeoJin, Choerry (Yves in chat) First Snow Chatlog YT ✔️
191206 EP.9 Yves, Chuu Diary Chatlog YT ✔️
191220 EP.10 Go Won, Olivia Hye (Yves in chat) Habits Chatlog YT ✔️
191224 Xmas Special HeeJin, ViVi, YeoJin, JinSoul, Yves, Go Won ~Christmas Chatlog YT ✔️
191227 EP.11 Kim Lip, JinSoul (Yves in chat) 2019 Chatlog YT ✔️
200114 EP.14 Yves, Chuu Fruit Chatlog YT ✔️
200121 EP.15 Go Won, Olivia Hye (Yves in chat) New Year's Day Chatlog YT ✔️
200330 EP.18 yyxy (Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye) anecdotes & memories Translated transcript YT ✔️
200424 EP.21 Yves, Chuu Spring Chatlog
200428 EP.22 Go Won, Olivia Hye (Yves in chat) Songs Chatlog
200514 EP.23 ViVi, JinSoul, Chuu (Yves in chat) Flower Chatlog
200915 EP.27 HyunJin (+ Guests Yves, Chuu) Chatlog

Variety Shows / Webshows / Clips[edit | edit source]

Year Name Channel/Platform Role
2018 MOMO X - No Talking - Yves - VLIVE | YouTube MOMO X (YouTube / VLIVE) Guest
YSSCOM: 59 Seconds Profiles:yyxy | Yves' EP YSSCOM (YouTube) Guest
YSSCOM: 59 Seconds Profiles: LOONA | Yves' EP YSSCOM (YouTube) Guest
2019 YSSCOM: Heart Fluttering, are you for Real? | Yves' EP YSSCOM (YouTube) Guest
The Gashinas MBC Main Cast
Yves exposes WJSN Soobin @WJ STATION (190512) WJ STATION (Fanmeet) VCR
Fact iN Star - LOONA TMI: Yves Fact iN Star - LOONA TMI (YouTube) Mentioned
Dingo Chart Show Dingo Movie (YouTube) Guest
ON Dream School - ENG (unofficial) KBS Guest
Spotify Japan - Instagram Story - Yves Spotify Japan (Instagram) Guest
Idol Coin Karaoke Chart-In - LOONA: YouTube | FB lululala music (YouTube) Guest
2020 LOONA's Taste World Cup #1 Dukmani (YouTube) Guest
Weekly Idol B-Cuts (Ep. 449) - Yves sings the Aegyo Song MBC (YouTube) Guest
Idol Chart EP.1: Idol Chart (YouTube) Guest
Knowing Bros EP.226 | Preview| Guest Introduction JTBC Guest
MMTG/Civilisation Express: EP.110 & EP.111 MMTG (YouTube) Guest
Guy who cooks meat for you / 고꾸남: Jerry Company (YouTube) Guest
King of Masked Singer EP.271-xx MBC Panel guest
Kiss New York - JinSoul unboxing nail accessories Instagram (Kiss New York) Guest
Kiss New York - Olivia Hye unboxing Eaux de Cologne
Kiss New York - Yves unboxing ...

Fact iN Star - As Special Co-host[edit | edit source]

The edited Fact iN Star episodes are usually subtitled in English (and some other languages) a few days after their release while the unedited versions of the episodes remain unsubbed.

Year Name Channel/Platform Role
2020 Fact iN Star: Yeorry: Part.1 Part.2 tbs Fact iN Star (YouTube) Special MC
Fact iN Star: Ryu Sujeong (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Secret Number (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Yubin (unedited)
Fact iN Star: DIA (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Nature (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Weki Meki (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Golden Child:
Fact iN Star: Weeekly (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Jung Sewoon (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Eric Nam (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Rocket Punch (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Cherry Bullet (unedited)
Fact iN Star: ONF (unedited)
Fact iN Star: Cravity (unedited)
Fact iN Star: B.O.Y (unedited)
Fact iN Star: (unedited)
Fact iN Star: (unedited)
Fact iN Star: (unedited)
Fact iN Star: (unedited)
Fact iN Star: (unedited)
Fact iN Star: (unedited)
Fact iN Star: (unedited)

Radio Shows[edit | edit source]

Year Name Channel/Platform Role
2018 SBS Love FM “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” Radio: ENG SBS Love FM Guest
2018 SBS Power FM “NCT’s Night Night”: ENG SBS Power FM Guest
2020 MBC IDOL RADIO EP.502 MBC Radio Special DJ
2020 SBS Love FM “Brother's Radio”: ENG SBS Love FM Guest
2020 MBC IDOL RADIO EP.535 MBC Radio Special DJ
2020 SBS Power FM “Lee Joon's Youngstreet”: ENG SBS Power FM Guest

Music Video Appearances[edit | edit source]

Year Name Artist Role
2017 "Heart Attack" Chuu Main
2018 "One & Only" Go Won Cameo
2018 "Egoist (feat. JinSoul)" Olivia Hye Cameo

Commercial Films[edit | edit source]

Year Brand Type
2019/20 Vegan Tiger X Innocean 2020FW: Super Animal Fur Clothing

Official focus cams ('fancams')[edit | edit source]

Official "Facecams"[edit | edit source]

Vocal Covers[edit | edit source]



  • @ MBC 2PM Date with Ji Sukjin — 190319
    • EXO - Love Me Right - HaSeul, JinSoul, Yves - LIVE


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