YeoSeul (Yeo/Jin and Ha/Seul) is the friendship pairing between YeoJin and HaSeul.

Other NamesEdit

  • HaYeo (Ha/Seul and Yeo/Jin)




  • Both were born in South Korea.
  • Both have brown eyes.
  • Both have monolids.
  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both are part of the sub-unit LOONA 1/3.
  • Both of them have had rapping and singing parts.


  • YeoJin dorms with the members of ODD EYE CIRCLE, while HaSeul dorms with the members of LOONA 1/3.
  • YeoJin is an only child while HaSeul has a younger brother.
  • HaSeul is a good vocalist while YeoJin is a good dancer.
  • YeoJin is part of the maknae line while HaSeul is not.
  • HaSeul has promoted on music shows while YeoJin has not.
  • HaSeul auditioned for MIXNINE and YeoJin did not.
  • HaSeul is a member of LOONA 1/3, whereas YeoJin is not.


  • They are in the band LOONA.
  • They are sisters in LOONA's webdrama Woomanna.
  • Both were featured in the music video for Choerry's "Love Cherry Motion".
  • There is a special section in "LOOΠΔ Kick Kick" called YeoSeulTV.
  • YeoJin once got jealous when HaSeul complimented Choerry.

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