YeoSeul (여슬; YeoJin and HaSeul) is the friendship pairing between HaSeul and YeoJin.

Other NamesEdit

  • HaYeo (하여) (HaSeul and YeoJin)




  • Both were born in South Korea.
  • Both have monolids.
  • Both have had rapping parts.
  • Both of their representative colors are secondary colors.


  • HaSeul is in LOONA 1/3, while YeoJin is in her own subunit.
  • HaSeul is older.
    • HaSeul is in the '97 line, while YeoJin is the sole member of the '02 line.
  • YeoJin is an only child while HaSeul has a younger brother.
  • HaSeul was born in Bucheon, while YeoJin was born in Daegu.
  • HaSeul is in the vocal line, while YeoJin is not.
  • HaSeul promoted on music shows before debut while YeoJin did not.
  • HaSeul’s blood type is O, while YeoJin’s is B.
  • HaSeul is a Leo, while YeoJin is a Scorpio.
  • HaSeul’s representative animal is a bird, while YeoJin’s is an amphibian.
  • HaSeul’s representative color is cool, while YeoJin’s is warm.
  • HaSeul has cut her hair short, while Yeojin has not.
  • YeoJin has bleached her hair post-debut, whereas HaSeul has pre-debut, finding hard to maintain blonde hair.


  • They are in the group LOONA.
  • They are sisters in the web drama Woomanna.
  • Both were featured in the music video for Choerry’s “Love Cherry Motion”.
  • There is a special section of LOONA Kick called YeoSeulTV.
  • YeoJin once got jealous when HaSeul complimented Choerry.

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