YeoJin, HaSeul & YeoJin, and LOONA & YeoJin are the first single album sets by YeoJin of South Korean girl group LOOΠΔ. They were released on January 16, 2017 as the fourth part of the “Girl of the Month” project.

The album is composed of 3 total tracks, including the title track “Kiss Later”. Tracks recorded along with HeeJin, HaSeul, and HyunJin were recorded as well.

The physical album was sold in three separate parts: the first album titled YeoJin featured YeoJin solo, while the second album titled HaSeul & YeoJin featured YeoJin with HaSeul. The third album titled LOONA & YeoJin featured YeoJin alongside HyunJin and HeeJin.


“We meet a new girl every month”

LOONA, which has been constructing a unique world through HeeJin’s “ViViD”, HyunJin’s “Around You” and HaSeul’s “Let Me In”, has revealed its girl of January, YeoJin. YeoJin is at a young age of her second year of middle school, and gives off a youthful charm unlike the previously revealed members.

After expanding its world with new content every month, LOONA will reveal surprising content that fans will not expect next month, launching its world further one more time.[1]

“우리는 매달 새로운 소녀를 만난다”

희진의 “ViViD”, 현진의 “다녀가요”, 하슬의 “소년, 소녀”를 통해 독보적인 세계관을 구축해 가고 있는 ‘이달의 소녀’가 1월의 소녀 여진을 공개했다.

‘여진’은 중학교 2학년의 앳된 나이로 그동안 공개되었던 멤버들과는 또 다른 애기애기한 매력을 발산한다.

매달 새로운 컨텐츠를 쏟아내며 세계관을 확장시켜온 ‘이달의 소녀’는 다음 달 팬들이 예상치 못한 놀랄만한 컨텐츠를 공개하며 또 한 번 세계관을 도약시킬 예정이다.[2]

Track list[]

  1. Kiss Later (키스는 다음에)” (YeoJin) – 3:19
  2. My Sunday” (HyunJin, HeeJin) – 3:02
  3. My Melody” (YeoJin, HaSeul) – 3:02


Promotional Images[]

The teasers don’t have any special captions.[3]

Album Exclusive[]

YeoJin Attendance Card.jpg

  • Each album contained an orange attendance card. If the owner of the album attended a YeoJin fansign they would have their card stamped. If they managed to get all twelve attendance cards stamped, one for each member of LOONA, then they would get the opportunity to meet all twelve members of LOONA at LOONAbirth, have their picture taken with one of the girls, and have a mini private concert.



HaSeul & YeoJin[]

LOONA & YeoJin[]

Each album comes with one random photocard, total of six possible photocards


Posters are limited edition and could be chosen to be purchased with the album






Songs [4][]

Songs Lyrics Composers Arrangers
Kiss Later (키스는 다음에) Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree)
Shin Agnes (MonoTree)
Hwang Hyun
My Sunday GDLO (MonoTree)
Shin Agnes (MonoTree)
Kim Yuseok
DK Choo
DK Choo (MonoTree)
Kim Yuseok (MonoTree)
My Melody Kim Yuseok
DK Choo


  • DK Choo's real name is Choo Dae Kwan (추대관)
  • Shin Agnes (신아녜스) and Kim Yuseok (김유석) used to be in MonoTree but left.


Music Video[]

Kiss Later[]

  • Production : DIGIPEDI Instagram Icon.png
  • Director : Wonmo Seong Instagram Icon.png @ DIGIPEDI
  • AD : Soyoung Koo
  • DP : Hyukjun Yu
  • Gaffer : Joonghyuk Jeong
  • Art Director : Moonyoung Lee Instagram Icon.png @ DIGIPEDI
  • Post Production : DIGIPEDI
  • EDIT & 2D : Wonmo Seong Instagram Icon.png @ DIGIPEDI


  • Frog : Youngchan Moon Instagram Icon.png[5]



Teaser 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) “Taiwan"

Kiss Later


MV 이달의 소녀 여진 (LOOΠΔ YeoJin) “키스는 다음에 (Kiss Later)”


MV 이달의 소녀 희진, 현진 (LOOΠΔ HeeJin, HyunJin) “My Sunday”


MV 이달의 소녀 하슬, 여진 (LOONA HaSeul, YeoJin) “My Melody”


MV 이달의 소녀 여진 (LOONA YeoJin) "키스는 다음에 (Kiss Later)" Choreography Ver.


  • As of April 2020, the single albums combined have sold 3,314 copies on Hanteo, and 14,655 copies on Gaon.
  • The difference between the physical albums was their CD colors, the cover images, and the photo cards that can be received at random when purchasing the CDs. All other contents of the albums are identical.
    • There can be a max of two different photo cards found in the album YeoJin that feature YeoJin solo, a max of two different photo cards found in the album HaSeul & YeoJin that feature YeoJin alongside HaSeul, and a max of two different photo cards found in the album LOONA & YeoJin that feature YeoJin alongside HyunJin and HeeJin.
  • 'YeoJin' is the first and only solo album that has three songs in the track list instead of two.