"ViViD (Acoustic Mix)" is the second track of the single album "HeeJin". Sung by the first introduced member HeeJin (희진), the music video is recorded in Paris, France.

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On the other hand, the acoustic mix of "ViViD" changes the original into a groovy guitar-based track, with HeeJin's delicate sense of rhythm being a pleasure. The acoustic version's music video was filmed in Paris by VAM Production.

그리고 "ViViD"의 어쿠스틱 믹스는 오리지널 트랙을 그루비한 기타 트랙으로 바꾼 곡으로 '희진'의 오밀조밀한 박자감이 즐겁다. 어쿠스틱 버전의 뮤직비디오는 VAM Production이 프랑스 현지에서 촬영을 완성했다.

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  • Vocals Directed by: G-high, Instagram Icon.png Choi Young Kyoung
  • Background Vocals by: Choi Young Kyoung
  • Guitar: Jeong Soo Wan
  • Keyboard: G-high
  • Protools Operation by: G-high
  • Digital Edited by: G-high
  • Recorded by: Jang Woo Yeong @doobdoob Studio, G-high @ MonoTree Studio
  • Mixed by: Joey Maclaren @Relic Studio

Videos[edit | edit source]


MV 이달의 소녀 희진 (LOONA HeeJin) "ViViD (Acoustic Mix)"

Released on October 5, 2016


이달의 소녀 희진 (LOONA HeeJin) "ViViD (100% Real Live)"

Released on October 19, 2016


ViViD (Acoustic Mix)

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  • Korean lyrics: Naver music
  • English translation: “ViViD” MV official English captions

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