"ViViD" is the first and title track from single album "HeeJin" by member HeeJin of LOOΠΔ. It was released on October 5, 2016 as the first part of the "Girl of the Month" project along with a Music Video on YouTube.

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"ViViD" is a colorful-feeling lo-fi track, which shows off HeeJin's character with clarity. It tells a story of meeting a person to love in a repetitive and colorless routine, and only then finding a vivid color within oneself.

"ViViD"는 컬러풀한 느낌의 로우 파이 트랙(Lo-Fi Track)으로 '희진'의 캐릭터를 선명하게 드러내준다. 늘 똑같았던 색깔 없던 일상 속에서 사랑하는 사람을 만난 후에야 드디어 내 맘속에 비비드한 색을 찾았다는 내용을 담았다.

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  • [ENG SUB] MonoTree discuss making HeeJin's "ViViD": Part 1 ; Part 2

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  • Vocals Directed by: G-high, Instagram Icon.png Choi Young Kyoung
  • Background Vocals by: Choi Young Kyoung
  • Guitar: Jeong Soo Wan
  • Keyboard: G-high
  • Protools Operation by: G-high
  • Digital Edited by: G-high
  • Recorded by: Jang Woo Yeong @doobdoob Studio, G-high @ MonoTree Studio
  • Mixed by: Joey Maclaren @Relic Studio

Music Video

Videos[edit | edit source]


Teaser 이달의 소녀 희진 (LOONA HeeJin) "ViViD"

Released on September 28, 2016


MV 이달의 소녀 희진 (LOOΠΔ HeeJin) "ViViD"

Released on October 4, 2016


이달의 소녀 희진 (LOONA HeeJin) "ViViD" Choreography Practice

Released on December 29, 2016



Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "ViViD" is the only LOONA song to have a music video filmed by VM Project.
  • From MonoTree's discussion about making 'ViViD' (Part 1):
    • In MonoTree's Hwang Hyun's opinion, the most impactful thing from the song is the lyrics "white rabbit".
    • A "white rabbit" is mentioned in ViViD, but the song's writers didn't know that Heejin's representative animal was a rabbit when they wrote the lyrics.
  • "ViViD" is the only Music Video that has the Music Video intro on the end of Video.

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