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==See also==
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ViVes (ViVi and Yves) is the friendship pairing between ViVi and Yves.

Other NamesEdit

  • YvesVi




  • Both are in the unnie line.
  • Both have pink/pinkish representative colors.
  • Their blood types are both B.
  • Both are the oldest members of their subunits.


  • ViVi was born in Hong Kong, while Yves was born in South Korea.
  • ViVi is older.
    • Yves is in the ‘97 line, while ViVi is the sole member of the ‘96 line.
  • ViVi can speak Cantonese, while Yves cannot.
  • ViVi is part of the sub-unit LOONA 1/3, whereas Yves is part of yyxy.
  • ViVi has dyed her hair pink, while Yves has never dyed her hair an unnatural color.
  • ViVi was born in December, while Yves was born in May.
    • ViVi is a Sagittarius while Yves is a Gemini.


  • They are in the band LOONA.
  • ViVi is the only member older than Yves, so she’s the only member she has to “respect” and with whom Yves has to use formal speech and honorifics. Yves can’t tease her as much as she teases other members.

See alsoEdit

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