"Valentine Girl" (Hangul: 3월을 기다려, Pronounced as: 3 weor-eul gi-da-ryeo) is the fifth track from the mini album Love & Live by the sub-unit LOONA 1/3. A special Instagram themed preview music video was released for the song on February 13, 2017. It was later included in the repackage album Love & Evil as the seventh track.


Original: 마지막 트랙 "3월을 기다려"는 이미 2월에 팬들에게 맛뵈기로 공개되었던 곡으로 2월 발렌타인 데이에 좋아하는 남자에게 초콜릿을 선물한 뒤 3월 화이트 데이 때 그 남자에게 사랑을 고백 받길 바라는 마음을 그린 해피 템포의 곡이다.

Translation: Final track "Valentine Girl" was previously teased to fans in February. It is a happy-tempo track telling the story of gifting chocolate to a boy on Valentine's Day, then hoping to hear confessions of love from that boy on March's White Day.


 HeeJin   HyunJin 
 HaSeul   ViVi 



  • The direct translation for "Valentine Girl", is 'Wait until March'.
    • This directly correlates with it being a preview released a month before the release of Love & Live in March.


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