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Date Title Members Content ENG
170421 LOONA Channel Open 1/3, YeoJin Channel opening teaser ✔️
170522 Kim Lip, I Love You! - HyunJin HyunJin HyunJin's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
Give Lots of Love to Kim Lip, please! - ViVi ViVi ViVi's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
Kim Lip's 'Eclipse' Fighting! - HeeJin! HeeJin HeeJin's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
? Kim Lip is thrilled just before the release! - HaSeul HaSeul HaSeul's cheering message to Kim Lip after her reveal ✔️
171006 Heejin's 1-Year Anniversary since her debut video ❤ HeeJin ✔️
170709 LOONA/JinSoul "Singing in the Rain (feat. HeeJin)" M/V JinSoul Version of the MV with HeeJin rapping. ✔️
171226 D-1 until the release of Chuu's 'Heart Attack' - Yves Yves Yves' cheering message to Chuu before the release of 'Heart Attack'. ✔️
180129 D-1 until the release of Go Won's 'One&Only' - Chuu Chuu Chuu's cheering message to Go Won before the release of 'One&Only' ✔️
180329 D-1 until the release of Olivia Hye's 'Egoist' - Go Won Go Won Go Won's cheering message to Olivia Hye before the release of 'Egoist' ✔️
181120 Idol Room - Gowon's Solo Cam - Playlist Go Won Go Won won the opportunity to have solo focus videos of the show. Videos in a playlist. ✔️
201027 Drinking Talk (취중토크) PT.1/4 ViVi, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Olivia Hye JTBC Plus VLIVE channel. Talking over a meal and a drink. ✔️
201030 Drinking Talk (취중토크) PT.2/4 ✔️
201103 Drinking Talk (취중토크) PT.3/4 ✔️
201106 Drinking Talk (취중토크) PT.4/4 ✔️
201109 OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 01 LOONA Title: ""Produced by Lee Sooman" LOONA does a dance challenge for new song "Why Not?""

Video series in a playlist.

OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 02 Title: "Unpredictable dance challenge for "Why Not?"" ✔️
201112 OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 03 Title: "LOONA solves the LOONA quiz! Who is the most fashionable member?" ✔️
OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 04 Title: "What is ViVi's best dish?" ✔️
201116 OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 05 Title: "What are LOONA most scared of? What are they into these days?" ✔️
OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 06 Title: "Who will dance without music X sing their favorite song?" ✔️
201119 OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 07 Title: "Finally it's a dinner time! So many various menus" ✔️
OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 08 Title: "Heart-warming praising time" ✔️
201123 OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 09 Title: "Chuu X HeeJin, Why did they hug while eating?" ✔️
OSEN - LOONA, #Star Road 10 Title: "What does LOONA want to try next?" ✔️
201202 LOONA 2021 SAT Support Message LOONA ✔️
210208 VPick - YEOJIN’s graduation V!🐣💦 YeoJin