Hello everyone!

So, as we all know, LOONA has had their third & possibly final sub-unit of their group, Yyxy.

And now to the M/V theory:

The four members of yyxy—Yves, Chuu, Go Won & Olivia Hye are all stuck in a caste and are being watched by the inspector there (possibly Grimes?), Yves makes an attempt to be rebellious and try to escape, before doing that, she convinces the other three members to follow her as she goes...

However, Olivia Hye being a good person, decides that it’s the wrong thing to do and instead of following Yves’s instructions, she stays in the tower, while Chuu & Go Won decided to listen to Yves’s steps and follow her path.

Through the video, there’s is a scene where Olivia Hye walks in a room where the three girls are sitting at a table, you can also see that Yves was speaking to the girls but when’s Olivia walks in, she quickly stops and continues on to what’s she was doing—possibly having the fear that Olivia would get the girls into trouble.

You see the three being together & possibly planning their way to escape the building, there was also a scene where the three girls run away from the table while Olivia is still sitting there.

Somewhere at the ending, the three girls (Yves, Chuu & Go Won) are running away from the tower, suddenly, Go Won turns around to see Olivia observing them run away, this might mean that what Go Won wanted to say to her is that: “You had your chance, you blew it, now it’s your loss.”

There’s a part at the ending where the girls are dancing, then you can see Grimes clapping and the scene turns to where Olivia is alone & somewhat devastated that she didn’t leave.

I may not be right, or have a different view/perspective of it, but this is my theory.

What do you think? :)

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