Hello, this is the LOONA Wiki's first Community Update!


Moving forward, I'd like for the Wiki to be inclusive of more LOONA related content. When I first created it, I intended it to be mainly information based. However, shortly after its creation, the LOONAVERSE was announced. For quite some time now, I've seen many Orbits trying to find explanations to the LOONAVERSE. I think the Wiki would be a great place to host this type of content. Adding this type of content will allow for new editors such as theorists to be introduced to the Wiki as well as help new Orbits in another aspect of LOONA. In order to maintain the Wiki's "information based" standing, these pages/section will have this notification banner on them:

Mobius Strip This section has information relating to the LOONAVERSE, so it may contain theories and/or content up to individual interpretation.

To get your opinion on the matter, please vote on poll on the Main Page under the "Important" section. Also, address any of your concerns below.

New Admin

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to keep up with the Wiki due to school and extracurricular activities. I have decided that it'll be best to get a new administrator. If you have a good understanding of Wiki/Fandom and have the time to edit, please consider applying for this position.


  • Just to give insight about the wiki, we currently receive about 20,000 page views a week.
  • The profile sections on the member's pages will be completed soon. EDIT: They are done!
  • Thanks to UtauSteam, color-coded lyric sections are possible on the mobile version of the Wiki. We are currently working on updating the sections.
  • I'm starting to do song credit sections again (the source for these are available here if you'd like to help), as well as MV & Photoshoot BTS Photo sections.

This is quite short, but I think that will be all. If you have any questions regarding anything else, please feel free to ask!

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