My bias is…
Userbox Choerry M
My favorite solo is…
Singing in the Rain
Userbox SITR B
My favorite solo B-side is…
I'll Be There
Userbox Ill-Be-There B
My favorite sub-unit release is…
Girl Front
Userbox Girl-Front B
My favorite OT12 song is…
Hi High
Userbox Hi-High B

my name is ramiel and my #1 spotify song of 2019 was I’ll Be There

Wiki Projects

  • Somebody’s Got to Add Every Single Episode of LOONA TV to This Wiki, and Let’s Face it, That Person is Me
  • General wiki wide grammar, spelling, phrasing, etc
  • Reference style reform
  • Date style reform
  • Adding info/history to every single member article
  • Improving pairing main page
  • Improving song pages
    • sourced and accurate lyrics/translations for all
    • appropriate and standardized page images
    • correct line distro to the best of my ability
  • Pronunciation guides for all members
  • + + and x x line distribution analysis (completed)
  • Eternal quest to replace all straight quotes with curly quotes
  • Finish userbox gifs/reform

My Templates

External Projects (LOONALYSIS)

About ME

graphic design is my passion

LOONA is my ult group and Choerry is my ult bias. no thoughts in my brain only LOONA.

I ALSO stan:

  • 2NE1 (MINZY 💜 the original bias)
  • Red Velvet (Wendy 💙)
  • TWICE (Jihyo 🧡)

I semi-stan:

  • fromis_9 (👼 JIWON 👼 + Jisun)
  • Mamamoo (Wheein)
  • (G)I-DLE (Soojin)
  • BLACKPINK (Rose)

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