Uncover is the third track from the repackage album Max & Match by ODD EYE CIRCLE.

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Another dream pop track following "LOONATIC" is a newly released "Uncover", showing off the confidence in the music production aspect of LOOΠΔ. Dream pop, a genre known to be extremely difficult to be expressed in the context of k-pop, has once again been flawlessly produced in the color of ODD EYE CIRCLE to add to the masterfulness of the album.

그리고 "LOONATIC"에 이은 또 한 번의 드림팝 "Uncover"는 '이달의 소녀' 프로듀싱의 자신감을 표현한다. 좀처럼 아이돌 음악씬에서 손대기 어려운 드림팝을 아주 자연스럽게 '오드아이써클'만의 컬러로 치환해내며 앨범의 완성도를 높인다.

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  • The dance for "Uncover" was choreographed by the members of ODD EYE CIRCLE.[1]

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