• hi! :]

    are we allowed to post a link to the snippet of stylish's demo that a composer posted on her insta?

    someone got it and posted it on streamable:

    or should we upload it directly on the wikia? 

    thanks in advance!

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    • As long as the composer is credited, we can post the link. I don't think it can be embedded since it only accept videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo and YouTube.

      Btw, are you french ? I noticed you use a "Brouillon" x)

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    • ok ty! ^^ indeed im french, you too? baguetteland rpz

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    • Yes I am ;) jmange pas vrm de pain en plus x)

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    • certains considèreraient ce propos comme blasphématoire X)

      contente de voir d'autres french orbits! 

      j'ai essayé de convertir mes potes mais elles sont toutes des boygroups stans -.-

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    • Elles savent pas ce qu'elles ratent, surtout après ces victoires des LOONARMY et des OBTzens :p

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    • A FANDOM user
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