Stylish” (Hangul: 스타일리쉬) is the sixth and final track from the mini-album [+ +] by LOONA. It was later included in the repackage album [X X] as the seventh track.


A musical suggestion for you to become brave through the luxury of imagination that everyone cherishes in a corner of their hearts, ‘Stylish’ completes [+ +], the first album of LOOΠΔ with musical elements of LOOΠΔ 1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE, and yyxy.[1]

그리고 누구에게나 마음 한켠에 존재하는 상상의 사치를 통해 용기를 내라는 주문 ‘Stylish’까지 앨범 [+ +]는 이달의 소녀 1/3ODD EYE CIRCLE, yyxy의 모든 음악적 요소가 총동원되어 하나의 어우러짐으로 첫 번째 앨범을 완성한다.







  • Extra Vocal Production by: David Brant
  • Extra Backing Vocals by: Kim So Hyun, Emma O’Gorman
  • Synthesizer & Drum Programming by: Mare Lian
  • Recorded by: Iggy @OREO Studio
  • Mixed by: Kim Seok Min @Mapps Studio





  • The original song demo was sung by the composer Emma O’Gorman.
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The LOOΠΔ girls did an awesome job with the song and the vocals. Their team were very easy to work with. They didn’t change much from the original demo, just obviously translated the lyrics. My favOriTe thing is how it’s really interesting to hear the difference between “Stylish”’s demo and the finished product. My voice is a lot harder so my version is quite sassy, but LOOΠΔ’s is lovely and soft and emotional. It really added a whole new dimension to it. It’s been really fun! We obviously wanted to make it like LOOΠΔ and there was no guarantee they would use it so we tried pretty hard to make something they would like. It’s been such a cool experience. I was a fan of LOOΠΔ before we were asked to do it. I’m so over the moon with it!

Article extract: “Stylish” songwriter Emma O’Gorman talks about working on the song

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  • The absence of instrumentals in the first chorus was Emma O’Gorman’s idea. “Silence in an instrumental gives punctuation if done properly!”
  • Looking back on the song, she still wouldn't change anything about it.
  • “Decorate my buy list with you” and “Keeping my brightness” are her favorite lines in the Korean lyrics.
  • She made the vocal arrangement. It took her about 1h–1h30.
    • “I record all my arrangements as I’m going instead of scoring them as I find it more natural to use my ear. Vocals is genuinely one of my favourite parts of writing Kpop!! ‘Stylish’ is one of my favourite arrangements in [a] while! Especially the end section!”
  • Q: “How many renditions of songs did you go through to create “Stylish”? From the initial idea being created, to it becoming the song we hear now? What muse gave you the idea for it?”
    • A: “We wrote it in one day! So just the rendition you heard! We write songs all the time in quick turn around so it gets done very quickly these days!
      I think “Stylish” as a concept was something I had come up with earlier in the week and we thought it was a good concept for a song about fancying someone!”


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