“So What” (Hangul: 쏘 왓) is the second and title track from the mini-album [#] by LOONA. It served as the basis for the group’s second comeback, during which LOONA earned their first music show win on M Countdown on March 12, 2020.[1]


The titled song “So What” is an impressive urban dance piece with a grand bass and signature Hornstab, which further maximizes the “girl crush” that LOOΠΔ has not shown before. With the message ‘Break the boundaries that the world has made’ and it added the depth in LOONAVERSE.[2]

타이틀곡 ‘So What’은 웅장한 베이스와 시그니처 혼스탭의 조화가 인상적인 어반 댄스 곡으로 기존에 이달의 소녀가 보여 주지 않은 ‘걸크러시’한 느낌이 극대화된 곡이다. ‘세상이 정한 틀을 깨고 나와, 자신을 마음껏 표출하라’라는 메시지를 담아 그간 이어온 세계관의 깊이를 더했다.[3]



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  • Vocal Director: Instagram Icon eSNa (에스나)
  • Background Vocals: Yang Geun-Yeong (양근영), HeeJin
  • Recording: Kwon Eugene (권유친) @ doobdoob Studio; Jung Eun-Kyung (정은경), Kim Ji-Hyun (김지현) @Instagram Icon In Grid Studio
  • Digital Editing: An Chang-Gyu (안창규)
  • Mixing: Instagram Icon Jay-p Gu (구종필) @ KLANG Studio
  • Original Title: SO WHAT!!!!
  • Original Writers: David Anthony, Instagram Icon Anna Timgren


MV 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "So What"

MV 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "So What"

Teaser 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "So What"

Teaser 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "So What"

이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "So What" Dance Practice Video

이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "So What" Dance Practice Video

So What (So What)

So What (So What)

“So What” Music Video Credits
Production: DIGIPEDI
  • Chief Director: WonMo Seong
  • Directors: WonMo Seong, SeokHo Moon
  • Executive Producer: MoonYoung Lee

Bangkok Shooting Crew

  • Director of Photography: SanTae Eum
  • Focus Puller: SeungJi Lee
  • Second Camera Assistant: YoungWoo Lee
  • A.C team/DIT: Lifeboat
  • Gaffer: Chuchart Koncho
  • Grip: Fai

Korea Shooting Crew

  • Director of Photography: DeokJung Kim
  • Focus Puller: GyoHa Hwang
  • Second Camera Assistant: HyunWoo Yang
  • Third Camera Assistant: YounWoo Kim
  • Gaffer: InDong Kwon
  • Art: DoEun Kim

Local Co-production: Umoon Production

  • Executive Producer: Julien Casanova
  • Line Producer: Thomas Menard
  • Production Manager: Tip Sukwiwat
  • Accountant: Phannaohat Phetpunpun
  • First Assistant Director: Anusorn Jueajan
  • Set Production Assistant: Jirasak Chaiyara
  • Production Assistants: Pure Chaowat, Gui Paiboon, Jay Morin
  • Casting Director: Jay Morin
  • Location Manager: Sittphonr Kussaravipak
  • Location Assistants: Phitsanu Lertphogthai, Chatchai Issara
  • Chaperones: Narisara Sapanan, Hathai Loetwanitrot, Sawanyamoonpugdee
  • Unit Manager: Bang Wang
  • Craft: Suwanna Dougchumchen
  • Drivers: Free Sitthipunya, Vorawut Muhamadtahed, Apiluk Madrod, Anusord Longsuwan, * Naruebet Saharman, Pratchaya Mailson
  • Set Nurse: Punyapat Boonpoung


  • Dancers: Kitty K, Maya T’Killa, Gypsy Blood, Suttida Sawangsri, Siri Flygirl
  • Ballerinas: Cahnipa Puthisarnchai, Natnicha Promsorn, Siwatchaya Yaisoon, Mueanphan Jindatip, Fasai Senarat, Phanchanok Charoennitikul, Ruspatsorn Chutkeaw
  • Students: Chamaiporn Chitsawad & Students

Post Production: DIGIPEDI

  • Edit: SeokHo Moon
  • Digital Intermediate: SeokHo Moon
  • VFX Studio: Plastic Beach
  • CG Supervisor: Ohzeon
  • CG Assistant Supervisor: Jojeem
  • CG Project Manager: ChanYoung Song
  • CG Producer: KyuTae Jang
  • 3D ArtistsL KwangWon Lee, DoYeon Kim, KungJun Kim, JeongHwa Lee
  • 2D Artists: GiHoon Jang, DaEun Jeong
  • #2 Teaser VFX: Breeze Tree
  • 3D Artist: JiWoon Kim
  • Narration: Elaine Vega
  • Voice over Audio Studio: Glad Studio
  • Sound Arrange & Compose: Couch & Sendo

Label: BlockBerry Creative

  • Executive Producer: JongMyoung Yi
  • Producer Supervisor: JongHyeon Lee
  • Executive Supervisor: AnWoo Nam
  • Project Supervisor: SeJin Park
  • Music Producer: Soo-Man Lee
  • Promotion Manager: YoonPyo Park
  • Management: DongHoon Lee, HyoJeong Park, SeolLee Lee, CheolWoo Park
  • Communication Manager: BoRa Park
  • Communication: DoYun Kim, JeongYoon Ha, HyoMin Park
  • Advertising Business Director: JiHo Oh
  • Strategy Planning: DoYeon Yun, SoJung Nam
  • Accounting: MinSeok Chang, YeoJin Noh, HyeKyoung Jang
  • A&R: DoYeon Yun, YeLim Kim, InChan Baek
  • Recording Engineer: EunKyung Jung, JiHyun Kim @In Grid Studio, SungSu Min, Eugene Kwon @doobdoob Studio
  • Mixing Engineer: JongPil Gu @KLANG Studio
  • Mastering Engineer: NamWoo Kwon @821 Sound Mastering
  • Stylist: Min Kim, YeJi Kim
  • Hair: ChunIl, Hyelime, JinSol, ChoHee, Jin Jeon @Joy187
  • Make up: YuJin Jang, EunJi Lee, MinJi Kim, DaUn Hwang
  • Performance Director: Faryoung Kim @Faryoung Kim
  • Head Choreographer: Faryoung Kim @Faryoung Kim, HyunGyu Kim @AyoHG
  • Choreography by: Kyle Hanagami
  • Choreography idea: HeeJin, Choerry, Yves, Olivia Hye @LOONA
  • Photography: gowontae
  • Album Art Work: Studio XXX
  • Retouch: Laundry Office


  • This song was referred to as “Burn” (also “B#RN”) by Orbits before its official name was revealed.


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  • Korean lyrics: Naver music
  • English translation: “So What” MV official English captions


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