“Satellite” (Hangul: 위성, Wiseong) is the third track from the repackage album [X X] by LOONA.

The song was originally titled “Double Take”.


‘Satellite’, a number based on dance-pop music, starts calmly but as music flows and orbits, the number of layers stack to multiply excitement of the listeners.[1]

댄스 팝을 기반으로 한 '위성(Satellite)'은 차분하게 시작하지만 음악이 흐르고 궤도를 돌수록 사운드의 레이어를 높여가며 흥분을 배가시킨다.






  • Vocals Directed by: Choi Young Gyung (MonoTree), Park Seul Gi @ 153/Joombas SEOUL
  • Background Vocals by: Kim Kyung Eun, Ashley Alisha (153/Joombas)
  • Recorded by: Kwon Yoo Jin @ doobdoob Studio, Park Seul Gi @ 153/Joombas SEOUL
  • Mixed by: Park Seul Gi @ 153/Joombas SEOUL



이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "위성(Satellite)" Dance Practice Video


이달의소녀(LOONA) 히든트랙 1위곡👑- 위성 (Satellite) 하이라이트 뮤직 라이브쇼 히든트랙2


Satellite (위성)


  • Ashley Alisha, producer of the song originally named it “Double Take”.
  • Yves said that, when they first got the song, it was titled “Sirius B”.[2]
    • Yves: “Its lyrics are also… about going against the force of gravity, or circling around you to reach you, like ‘Until I reach you someday.’ The lyrics were so sad! I was thinking the melody was so nice and sentimental. But when we went to the recording session, we were asked to record the chorus, the hook with a very high and bright tone. So it was a bit… how can I put it? Memorable. That part. How it was different from my interpretation. But when it came out, it was very fitting and good. I still listen to the song often.”
  • Producer of Satellite, Ashley Alisha, was interviewed on Form of Therapy’s podcast - Therapy Sessions Podcast #2.
    • Satellite’s concept/image that Ashley Alisha had in mind when she wrote it was that the song was about double taking somebody.
    • At 17:50: Demo lyrics in the chorus: “I li-li-like the way ah(?), you move move move, so shy(?)”
  • Ashley Alisha’s video “My First Q&A” at 6:45
    • Demo lyrics: “I’ve been replaying your face every night. And I can’t get you out of my head.”
    • It was raining when she worked on the song with David Amber, which is considered a good omen. She just wanted to make a song about how she really felt when she was kinda in the beginning stage of a relationship. She wrote the song about double taking that guy when she first met him.