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Orbit (오빛) is LOONA’s official fan club name. It was officially established on July 9, 2018 after the first recruitment closed.


According to a news article, Orbit means that the fan club is creating a path of orbit where LOONA can grow. Also, 오 is read as "oh" and 빛 as "bit" which translated to English is "light", and together makes "Oh! Light" where oh is the exclamation and light representing what LOONA is to fans.[1]

Korean orbits are named Hanbits (한빛) and international orbits Wuebits (외빛).[2] "Wue" (외) stands for foreign and "Han" (한) for Korean.

1st Recruitment

The first recruitment first opened on Jun 15, 2018. It costed ₩40,000 (~$36 at the time) to become an official member and recieve the kit. Members were also given access to LOONA's official app.

Included with the kit were:

  • Album, titled "Orbit 1.0", with 3 unreleased song
    • "지금 더 좋아해 (I Like You More Now)"
    • "Egoist (English Ver.)"
    • "Hi High" remix
  • 72 page Notebook (130x180mm)
  • 40 page Photobook (130x180mm)
  • Message Card from each member (90x120mm)
  • Ballpoint Pen (140x10mm)
  • 2 Logo Badges (Ver. 1: 20x20mm, Ver. 2: 20x6mm)
  • Fanclub Card (85x54mm)
  • Dust Bag (330x450mm)




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