Olivia Hye and Go Won & Olivia Hye are the debut single album sets by Olivia Hye of South Korean girl group LOONA. They were released on March 30, 2018 as the twelfth and final part of the “Girl of the Month” project.

The physical album was sold in two parts: the first album titled Olivia Hye featured Olivia Hye solely, while the second album titled Go Won & Olivia Hye featured Olivia Hye alongside Go Won.


Since the debut of HeeJin in October 2016, LOOΠΔ has finally announced its twelfth member Olivia Hye to complete its line-up.

With the largest scale and the longest period of debut promotion in the K-pop history, LOOΠΔ has been building its own universe carefully to build credibility in the quality of music and the trust in the team among fans.

LOOΠΔ 1/3 has gone around the world to unite the girls, and released Love&Live and Love&Evil to show the process of transformation to explain the universe of LOOΠΔ for the first time. LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE gathered three odd girls to complete a big circle with colors as the central idea.

Last four girls are remaining. Starting with Yves, Chuu and Go Won talk about their ego. The ego is seen as a girl who admires someone, or envies another. Sometimes, it starts from self-loathing or disappointment in oneself.

However, they come to a realization that self-awareness is not decided upon or created by somebody else, but build by oneself by starting to love oneself. With novelty, excitement, and uniqueness. Although it may seem selfish, the process of completing one’s ego with loving oneself is captured in the story.[1]

2016년 10월 희진의 데뷔로 시작된 이달의 소녀는 2018년 3월에 이르러 열두 번째 멤버 Olivia Hye를 공개하고 라인 업을 갖추었다.

K-POP 역사상 최대 규모, 최장 기간의 데뷔 프로모션이라는 수식어에 걸맞게 이달의 소녀는 세계관을 차근차근히 쌓아가며 음악에 대한 신뢰, 팀에 대한 믿음을 팬들과 만들어왔다.

이달의 소녀 1/3은 세계를 돌아다니며 소녀들이 결합하는 과정. 그리고 ‘Love&Live’와 ‘Love&Evil’을 통해 변신하는 과정을 보여주며 이달의 소녀라는 세계관을 처음 설명했고 이달의 소녀 오드아이써클은 색을 중심으로 세 명의 남다른(ODD) 소녀들이 모여 큰 원을 완성했다.

여기 남은 마지막 네 명의 소녀들. 이브를 시작으로 하여 , 고원은 자아에 대해 이야기한다. 그 자아는 또래의 소녀들처럼 누군가를 동경하기도 하고 질투하기도 하며 때론 자신에 대한 혐오 혹은 실망감에서 시작된다.

하지만 이내 자아는 누군가가 결정해주거나, 만들어주는 것이 아닌 내가 나를 사랑함으로써 내가 만드는 것이라고 깨닫는다. 새로움으로, 두근거림으로, 유일함으로. 그리고 이기적일지라도 자신에 대한 사랑으로 자아를 완성시켜 나가는 과정을 담아낸다.


  1. Egoist” (Olivia Hye, feat. JinSoul) – 4:07
  2. Rosy” (Olivia Hye & Go Won, feat. HeeJin) – 3:14


Promotional Images[]

Each teaser has a special caption.[2]

Behind the Scenes[]

Album Exclusive[]

Olivia Hye Attendance Card.gif

  • Each album contained a silver attendance card. If the owner of the album attended an Olivia Hye fansign, they would have their card stamped. If they managed to get all twelve attendance cards stamped, one for each member of LOONA, then they would get the opportunity to meet all twelve members of LOONA at LOONAbirth, have their picture taken with one of the girls, and have a mini private concert.

Photo Cards[]







Songs Writers
Lyrics Composers Arrangers
Egoist Jaden Jeong
박지연 (Park Jiyeon) (MonoTree)
Artronic Waves
Pablo Groove
Artronic Waves
Pablo Groove
Rosy Darly 빌리진 (Billie Jean) (BADD)
김진형 (Kim Jin-Hyung) (BADD)
Hickee (BADD)
빌리진 (BADD)
김진형 (BADD)

Instagram Icon.png Artronic Waves, Instagram Icon.png Billie Jean, Instagram Icon.png Hickee, Instagram Icon.png LAB301, Instagram Icon.png Lafée,Instagram Icon.png Pablo Groove




Rosy (Go Won, Olivia Hye) (Feat. HeeJin) (Rosy) (Go Won, Olivia Hye) (Feat. HeeJin)


  • As of April 2020, the single albums combined have sold 5,807 copies on Hanteo, and 18,443 copies on Gaon.[citation needed]
  • The difference between the physical albums was their CD colors, the cover images, and the photo cards that can be received at random when purchasing the CDs. All other contents of the albums are identical.
    • There can be a max of two different photo cards found in the album Olivia Hye that feature Olivia Hye solely, and a max of two different photo cards found in the album Go Won & Olivia Hye that feature Olivia Hye alongside Go Won.


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