“Oh (Yes I Am)” (Hangul: 오 예스 아이 앰) is the fourth track from the mini album [#] by LOONA.

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“Oh (Yes I Am)” is a song that has a clear sound and mysterious vibe that LOOΠΔ is looking for “Infinite possibilities that I have.”[1]

‘Oh(Yes I AM)’는 청량한 사운드와 신비로운 분위기가 돋보이는 곡으로 ‘무한한 가능성을 가진 진짜 나’를 찾아가는 이달의 소녀를 그리는 곡이다.[2]

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Oh (Yes I Am) (Oh (Yes I Am))

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  • This track became part of an English K-pop Twitter meme, “___ vs. unfortunate events” that was popular in April of 2020. The second half of the song, starting with “Yeah 가자 1, 2” went viral along with the meme.[3]

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