“Number 1” (Hangul: 넘버원) is the third track from the mini album [#] by LOONA. The members described it as a "fansong", like "365" is.

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“Number 1” is a 808-bass groove that adds a dreamy atmosphere EP sound with rich harmony and emotional voice, just enough to show another vibe of LOOΠΔ.[1]

‘Number 1’은 808 베이스 그루브 위에 몽환적 분위기를 더해주는 EP 사운드와 풍부한 화성, 감성적인 보이스가 더해져 이달의 소녀의 색다른 모습을 보여주기 충분한 R&B Medium 곡이다.[2]

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  • Vocal Director: Seo Mi Rae (서미래) @ ButterFly
  • Background Vocals: Seo Mi Rae (서미래) @ ButterFly, Chuu, Kim Lip
  • Recording: Jung Eun-Kyung (정은경), Kim Ji-Hyun (김지현) @ Instagram Icon.png In Grid Studio; Min Sung-Su (민성수) @ doobdoob Studio
  • Pro Tools Operation: Seo Mi Rae (서미래) @ ButterFly
  • Digital Editing: Seo Mi Rae (서미래) @ ButterFly
  • Piano Performance: minGtion
  • Bass Performance: minGtion
  • Mixing: Instagram Icon.png Jay-p Gu (구종필) @ Instagram Icon.png KLANG Studio
  • Original Title: Number 1
  • Original Writers: minGtion, Tara Nabavi, Malin Johansson

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Number 1 (Number 1)

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