MonoTree (모노트리) is a South Korean music producing & publishing company. It was founded in 2014 by Hwang Hyun (황현), G-high (지하이) & Lee Joo Hyung (이주형), 3 former members of music producing team Sweetune.

The business was officially registered on December 1, 2014.

MonoTree Inc. is a music Producing & Publishing company organized to build a world-class pop music culture.

MonoTree is comprised of the members who lead the Asian Popular Music as music producers, artists, and songwriters. We have been working with many Asian pop. artists as a song production company.

MonoTree was founded in 2014 by 3 music producers (Hyun Hwang, G- high and JooHyoung Lee) who want to build creative alliances to share and facilitate the ideas about the music culture with creative musicians and organizations.

Now days, we are not only composing the song, but also directing the concept of the artist in new ways as producers.
- MonoTree's self presentation


KOMCA ID numbers (song credits registry)[]

MonoTree Members Name KOMCA ID number
Current DK Choo / Choo Dae Kwan (추대관) 10004270
G-high (지하이) / You Ji Sang (유지상) W0968700
GDLO (지들로) / Park Sang Hyeok (박상혁) 10001701
Hwang Hyun (황현) W0578100
Jung Ji Won (정지원) 10019084
Lee Joo Hyung (이주형) W0739500
NOPARI / No Yu Jeong (노유정) 10006484
Park Jiyeon / Park Jee Yeon (박지연) 10011643
Son Ko Eun (손고은) 10007509
Yoon Jong Sung (윤종성) W1038900
Former Choi Young Kyoung (최영경) 10011644
Kim Yuseok (김유석) 10004462
Park Asher (박아셀) W0786500
Shin Agnes (신아녜스) 10001554

Overview: MonoTree's contribution to LOONA's discography[]

Composed & arranged by MT
  1. + +
  2. ADD
  3. Around You
  4. Butterfly
  5. Curiosity
  6. D-1
  7. Girl's Talk
  8. frozen
  9. Hi High
  10. Hi High (Remix)
  11. Into the New Heart
  12. I Like You More Now
  13. Kiss Later
  15. LOONATIC (Eng. Ver.)
  16. Love & Live
  17. Love & Live (Remix)
  18. Love Letter
  19. My Melody
  20. My Sunday
  21. Perfect Love
  22. rendezvous 18.6y
  23. Starlight
  24. Sweet Crazy Love
  25. The Carol
  26. The Carol 2.0
  27. Uncover
  28. Valentine Girl
  29. ViViD
  30. ViViD (Acoustic Mix)

MonoTree only wrote the lyrics

  1. Eclipse
  2. Egoist
  3. Egoist (Eng. Rap)
  4. Girl Front
  5. Heart Attack
  6. Love Cherry Motion
  7. new
  8. ODD
  9. ODD Front
  10. One & Only
  11. Puzzle
  12. Singing in the Rain
  13. Where You At

NOT MADE by MonoTree

  1. #
  2. &
  3. 12:00
  4. 365
  5. A Different Night
  6. Be Honest
  7. Dance On My Own
  8. Ding Ding Dong (땡땡땡)
  9. 열기 (9) (Yeolgi; Heat)
  10. Chaotic
  11. Colors (색깔)
  12. dal segno
  13. Day & Night
  14. Everyday I Love You
  15. Everyday I Need You
  16. Fairy Tale
  17. Fall Again
  18. favOriTe
  19. Hide & Seek
  20. I'll Be There
  21. Let Me In
  22. Love & Evil
  23. love4eva (feat. Grimes)
  24. Number 1
  25. Oh (Yes I Am)
  26. one way
  27. OOPS!
  28. PTT (Paint The Town)
  29. Rain 51Db
  30. Rosy
  31. 위성 (Satellite)
  32. See Saw
  33. Sonatine
  34. So What
  35. Star (Voice Eng. Ver.)
  36. Stylish
  37. Twilight
  38. U R
  39. Universe
  40. Voice
  41. Why Not?
  42. WOW
  43. You and Me Together
  44. You and Me Together (Remix)
  45. X X

MonoTree, as a team, has produced a large amount of LOONA's songs.

  • LOONA's music releases that do not contain any tracks made (written, composed or arranged) by MonoTree: "ViVi", "#", "12:00".
  • LOONA's music releases that do not contain any tracks composed or arranged by MonoTree (but may have songs whose lyrics are written by MonoTree): "ViVi", "Go Won", "Olivia Hye", "#", "12:00"
  • Title tracks that were not composed or arranged by MonoTree: "Eclipse", "Egoist", "Everyday I Love You", "Heart Attack", "Let Me In", "love4eva", "Love Cherry Motion", "new", "One & Only", "Singing in the Rain", "Sonatine", "So What", "Sweet Crazy Love", "Why Not?".

Interviews & Breakdowns[]

Written form

Video form (MonoTree's YouTube Icon.png YouTube channel):

List of LOONA songs written, produced or arranged by MonoTree[]

Indicates single
ABC Members of MonoTree
Song Lyrics Composers Arrangers Album Year Member
"+ +" - NOPARI
Hwang Hyun
Artronic Waves
Billie Jean (BADD)
Sly Berry (BADD)
Hwang Hyun [+ +] 2018 LOONA
Hwang Hyun
Max & Match 2017 ODD EYE CIRCLE
"Around You Lee Joo Hyung HyunJin 2016 HyunJin
"Butterfly" G-High
Jaden Jeong
G-High [X X] 2019 LOONA
"Curiosity" Park Jiyeon G-High
Ashley Alisha (153/Joombas)
G-High [X X] 2019 LOONA
"D-1" G-High G-High
Choi Young Kyoung
G-High Yves 2017 Yves
"Eclipse" Park Jiyeon
Hwang Hyun
Daniel "Obi" Klein
Charli Taft
Kim Lip 2017 Kim Lip
"Egoist" Park Jiyeon
Jaden Jeong
Artronic Waves
Pablo Groove
Artronic Waves
Pablo Groove
Olivia Hye 2018 Olivia Hye (ft. JinSoul)
"Egoist (Eng. rap)" Orbit 1.0
"frozen" Hwang Hyun beauty & the beat 2018 yyxy
"Girl Front" Jaden Jeong
Park Jiyeon
Hwang Hyun
Hayley Aitken
Ollipop (Olof Mårten Lindskog)
Mix & Match 2017 ODD EYE CIRCLE
"Girl's Talk" G-High
Son Ko Eun
G-High Chuu 2017 Chuu & Yves
"Heart Attack" Park Jiyeon Hayley Aitken
Chuu 2017 Chuu
"Hi High" Jaden Jeong
Hwang Hyun
Hwang Hyun
Mayu Wakisaka
Hwang Hyun
[+ +] 2018 LOONA
"Hi High" (Remix) Orbit 1.0
"Into the New Heart" - Hwang Hyun
Hwang Hyun Love & Live 2017 LOONA 1/3
"지금 더 좋아해" (Jigeum da joahae : I like you more now) Hwang Hyun Orbit 1.0 2018 LOONA 1/3
"Kiss Later" Shin Agnes
Hwang Hyun
Hwang Hyun YeoJin 2017 YeoJin
"LOONATIC" G-High G-High
Kim Yuseok
Mix & Match 2017 ODD EYE CIRCLE
"LOONATIC (Eng.)" G-High
Simple T
Max & Match

(Limited ver.)

"Love & Live" Hwang Hyun Love & Evil 2017 LOONA 1/3
"Love & Live (Remix)" Love & Evil (normal ver.)
"Love Cherry Motion" Shin Agnes
Hwang Hyun
Hayley Aitken
Kanata Okajima
Choerry 2017 Choerry
"Love Letter" Park Jiyeon
Shin Agnes
Lee Joo Hyung
NOPARI JinSoul 2017 JinSoul & Kim Lip
"My Melody" Shin Agnes
Kim Yuseok
DK Choo
DK Choo
Kim Yuseok
YeoJin 2017 HaSeul & YeoJin
"My Sunday" Kim Yuseok
DK Choo
HeeJin & HyunJin
"new" Jaden Jeong
Park Jiyeon
Brooke Toia
Caesar & Loui
Yves 2017 Yves
"ODD" G-High Hayley Aitken
Mix & Match 2017 ODD EYE CIRCLE
"ODD Front" Jaden Jeong
Park Jiyeon
Hwang Hyun
Max & Match 2017
"One & Only" Park Jiyeon Baby Dee Beats
Baby Dee Beats (Darren Smith) Go Won 2018 Go Won
"Perfect Love" Le'mon (Joombas) Yoon Jong Sung
Yoon Jong Sung [+ +] 2018 LOONA
"Puzzle" G-High
Park Jiyeon
Daniel "Obi" Klein
Charli Taft
Andreas Oberg
Choerry 2017 Choerry & JinSoul
"rendezvous 18.6y" G-High G-High
Son Ko Eun
beauty & the beat 2018 yyxy
"Singing in the Rain" Park Jiyeon
Hwang Hyun
Caesar & Loui
Pontus Petersson
Cage (Karl-Oskar Gummesson) JinSoul 2017 JinSoul
"Starlight" Park Jiyeon
JJ Evans (Joombas)
Hyuk Shin (Joombas)
"Sweet Crazy Love" Park Jiyeon Daniel Kim
Charli Taft
Thomas Sardof
Max & Match 2017 ODD EYE CIRCLE
"The Carol" G-High
Choi Young Kyoung
Choi Young Kyoung
Park Asher
Park Asher
HaSeul 2016 HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul
"The Carol 2.0" The Carol 2.0 2017 ViVi, Yves Choerry
"Uncover" G-High Max & Match 2017 ODD EYE
"Valentine Girl Hwang Hyun Love & Live 2017 1/3
"ViViD" Park Jiyeon
Choi Young Kyoung
G-High HeeJin 2016 HeeJin
"ViViD (Acoustic)"
"Where You At" Jung Ji Won Daniel Kim
Ylva Dimberg
Daniel Kim [X X] 2019 LOONA

Credited as Composers & Arrangers[]

Year Song Composer Arranger Lyrics Other
2016 "ViViD"
"ViViD (Acoutic Mix)"
"Around You"
"The Carol"
2017 "Kiss Later"
"My Sunday"
"My Melody"
"Into the New Heart"
"Love & Live"
"Valentine Girl"
"Love Letter"
"LOONATIC (Eng. Ver.)"
"ADD" -
"Sweet Crazy Love"
"The Carol 2.0"
"Girl's Talk"
2018 "frozen"
"rendezvous 18.6y"
"+ +" -
"Hi High"
"Perfect Love"
2019 "Butterfly"

Credits: Lyrics + "Other" (vocal backgrounds and recording engineering)[]

Year Song Composer Arranger Lyrics Other Composers & arrangers
2017 "Eclipse" Daniel "Obi" Klein, Charli Taft
"Singing in the Rain" The Kennel
"Love Cherry Motion"
"Puzzle" Daniel "Obi" Klein, Charli Taft
"ODD" The Kennel
"Girl Front"
"ODD Front"
"Heart Attack"
2018 "One & Only" BabyDeeBeats, Tammy
"Egoist" Artronic Waves + others
2019 "Where you at" The Kennel, Daniel Kim, Mckay

When international music producers produce a song for LOONA, MonoTree usually provides the Korean lyrics.

Credits: Vocal backgrounds and recording only ("Other")[]

Year Song Composer Arranger Lyrics Other Producing Team
2016 "I'll Be There" Artronic Waves
2018 "love4eva" BADD, E-Tribe
"FavOriTe" BADD
"열기 (9)" (Yeolgi) The Kennel
2019 "Satellite" 153/Joombas + David Amber

Noteworthy songs they produced for other artists[]

  • LOONA's former A&R and Creative Director Jaden Jeong has worked with LADIES' CODE (fellow Polaris Ent. affiliated group), INFINITE, LOVELYZ, KEVIN OH, YUKIKA...; artists for which MonoTree produced a good amount of songs.
  • SWEETUNE were BOYFRIEND, INFINITE, KARA and Nine Muses' main producers for a while.
  • STELLAR: the entire Marionette (2014) and Sting (2016) mini albums were produced by MonoTree.
  • ONF: Almost all their songs and albums are MonoTree produced.
  • ONEUS: Inner Child produced a good amount of their songs.

Some songs MonoTree has produced

See also[]


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