Mix & Match (Hangul: 믹스앤매치) is the debut mini-album of ODD EYE CIRCLE, LOONA’s second sub-unit consisting of the members Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry.

The physical album was sold in two versions: a Normal Edition and a Limited Edition.

Mix & Match’s repackage album, Max & Match, was released on October 31, 2017, about one month later.


The girls’ stories get deeper and deeper.

The story that began with HeeJin’s ‘ViViD’ created a group named ‘3’, composed of HeeJin, HyunJin, and HaSeul. YeoJin added ‘/’ while ViVi added ‘1’ to complete LOOΠΔ 1/3. Kim Lip with ‘Eclipse’, JinSoul with ‘Singing in the Rain’, and Choerry with ‘Love Cherry Motion’ gathered to create a new group, ‘ODD EYE CIRCLE’ to start a new story.

Plenty of imageries and metaphors are in LOOΠΔ’s music, lyrics, albums, and music videos for fans search for like puzzle pieces to complete. For instance, the word ‘ODD’ in ODD EYE CIRCLE is used as its original definition, but is also an image of three moons together.

ODD EYE CIRCLE’s musical story told by three odd girls have just started.

Having started with the idea of solos gathering to make a unit, and units gathering to create a whole world, LOOΠΔ can finally show its big picture via the introduction of ODD EYE CIRCLE. The girls will continue working as solos, units, and as a whole. LOOΠΔ concert, which is being prepared, will be the stage for twelve solo artists, three teams, and one whole complete group in a splendid set-up for everyone to be amused.[1]

소녀들의 이야기는 점점 깊어만 간다.

희진ViViD’에서 시작된 이야기는 희진, 현진, 하슬 이라는 이달의 소녀의 ‘3’이라는 그룹을, 그리고 여진은 ‘/’을, 비비는 ‘1’ 이라는 숫자를 만들며 이달의 소녀 1/3을 완성 시켰고, ‘Eclipse’의 김립과 ‘Singing in the Rain’의 진솔, 그리고 ‘Love Cherry Motion’의 최리가 모여 오드아이써클이라는 또 하나의 그룹을 완성하며 새로운 이야기를 시작했다.

이달의 소녀는 많은 상징과 은유가 앨범과 음악. 그리고 가사와 뮤직비디오에 담겨 있고 그 퍼즐들을 맞춰가는 재미를 숨겨놓았는데 오드아이써클의 ODD는 단어의 의미대로 변종이기도 하지만 세 개의 달이 만난 이미지이기도 하다.

그리고 세 명의 낯선 소녀들이 만들어내는 오드아이써클의 음악 이야기는 바로 지금 시작되었다.

솔로가 모여 유닛이 되고, 유닛이 모여 하나의 큰 세계를 만든다는 개념으로 시작된 ‘이달의 소녀’는 ‘오드아이써클’에 이르러 비로소 ‘이달의 소녀’ 만의 빅픽쳐를 보여줄 수 있게 되었다. 소녀들은 앞으로도 솔로와 유닛, 전체 활동을 병행하며 이달의 소녀의 콘서트는 이른바 12명의 솔로 가수들의 무대이자, 3개의 팀의 무대이며, 한 개의 완전체 무대를 가지고 화려한 구성을 준비하고 있다.[2]


  1. ODD” – 0:45
  2. Girl Front” – 3:16
  3. LOONATIC” – 3:00
  4. Chaotic” – 3:59
  5. Starlight” – 3:21


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Songs Writers
Lyrics Composers Arrangers
ODD G-High (MonoTree) Hayley Aitken
Ollipop (Olof Mårten Lindskog)
Girl Front Jaden Jeong
Park Jiyeon (MonoTree)
Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)
Hayley Aitken
LOONATIC G-High (MonoTree) G-High (MonoTree)
Kim Yuseok (MonoTree)
Chaotic Safira.K
Artronic Waves
David Kater
David Kater
Artronic Waves
Artronic Waves
Starlight Park Jiyeon (MonoTree)
GDLO (MonoTree)
NOPARI (MonoTree)
JJ Evans (Joombas)
Hyuk Shin (Joombas)
NOPARI (MonoTree)




  • As of April 2020, the mini albums has sold 4,972 copies on Hanteo, and 7,869 copies on Gaon.
  • The lyrics of “Girl Front” changed many times before the official version was recorded. They had words such as “beach” and “shellfish” in it.[3]
  • Starlight” was originally made for a boy group, so the staff/song producers/recording engineers had them re-record the song in a slightly higher key. They got to the studio at around 10 or 11pm and started recording at around 1-2 am, very late The girls recounting this episode:[3]
    • JinSoul: “So if you listen to ‘Starlight’ closely, we probably sound a bit tired.”
    • Choerry: “Yes, because we recorded while dozing off.”
    • Kim Lip: “I was even more tired because I had just come from [recording] ‘Chaotic’. It was so late! [...] Right, it was 3am.”
    • Choerry: “You can feel the drowsiness.”
    • Kim Lip: “But for that, I think it came out well.”
    • Choerry: “Right, dreamy.”
    • JinSoul: “Because of the dreamy vibe.”
    • Kim Lip: “Yeah, in a dreamy way.”