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LOOΠΔ On Wave [LOOΠΔTHEWORLD : Midnight Festival] was an online concert for LOONA’s third mini album 12:00, which took place at 12AM KST (midnight) on October 20, 2020. The concert was an exclusively online event, and was streamed on MyMusicTaste. Its runtime was two hours, featuring songs from [12:00] (+previous group releases), as well as behind the scenes footage. Live tickets cost $19.99 USD, but varied between ticket tiers.

Announcement and Sale[]

On September 29, 2020, LOONA released a teaser announcing the concert on social media platforms. Tickets were available from the day of the announcement to the day of the concert (regardless of Orbit 2.0 membership). VOD was open to fans wanting to watch the concert again as one of the ticket options. However, it only lasted from December 15, 2020, to February 13, 2021.


  1. favOriTe
  2. Ding Ding Dong
  3. Number 1
  4. Hi High
  5. Stylish
  6. Where you at
  7. Butterfly
  8. Heat
  9. So What
  10. Curiosity
  11. 365
  12. Why Not?
  13. Voice
  14. Fall Again


  • Concert Hoodie (Length: 74 / Chest: 58 / Shoulder: 38 / Sleeve: 66.5 (cm) 1EA)
  • Concert Lyrics Photo Leaflet (Paper 40x30 (cm) + PET Case 1EA)
  • Lanyard Set (PVC 5.4x8.6(cm) 1EA + POLY 2x90(cm) 1EA)
  • Photocard Set (Paper 5.5x8.5(cm) 12EA)
    • 11 individual members + 1 group
  • Special Ticket (PET 6x15 (cm) 5EA)