MIXNINE (믹스나인) was a 2017 South Korean survival reality show aired on JTBC. LOONA members HeeJin and HyunJin took part in this show as contestants.

The show premiered on October 29, 2017, and the season finale was broadcasted live on January 26, 2018 at 11pm KST.


400 trainees across 70 agencies were visited and evaluated by YG Entertainment founder and then-CEO Yang Hyun-suk and his panel of guest judges (such as former-2NE1 member CL, BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Seungri, and Zion.T). 170 trainees (72 male and 98 female), including HeeJin and HyunJin, passed the preliminary auditions to participate in the program.[1][2]

The final component of the show was a competition between a team of nine boys and a team of nine girls (top nine male trainees and top nine female trainees), with the winning team to debut as an idol group.

This reality survival show was created by Han Dong-chul, who was also the producer of survival shows Produce 101, Show Me the Money, and Unpretty Rapstar.

The show was presented by Noh Hong-chul.

The show’s theme song, “JUST DANCE”, was written and produced by YG Entertainment’s Teddy Park.

HeeJin was voted as the top visual of the show (for the female trainees).


Preliminary Audition (Episode 2)[]

Song Artist Type Members Performances
Mr. Chu Apink (에이핑크) Group vocal + dance HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul YouTube Icon.png
Free Somebody Luna (루나) Group dance HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul YouTube Icon.png
Dammn Baby Janet Jackson Solo dance HeeJin Twitter Icon.png (Unofficial)
Circus Britney Spears Solo dance HyunJin Twitter Icon.png (Unofficial)
Toxic Britney Spears Solo dance HaSeul N/A
Bye Bye My Blue Yerin Baek (백예린) Solo vocal HaSeul V LIVE Icon.png

Position Battle (Episode 5–6)[]

Position Team Name Song Artist Members Performances Fancams
Dance CuXy (큐시) Greedy Ariana Grande HeeJin YouTube Icon.png V LIVE Icon.png
Dance HOTSPOT (핫스팟) Starships Nicki Minaj HyunJin YouTube Icon.png V LIVE Icon.png

Formation Battle (Episode 8–10)[]

Song Artist Team Name Members Performances Fancams
Genie SNSD Goddess of Luck / Ladyluck (행운의 여신) HeeJin YouTube Icon.png V LIVE Icon.png
I'm Your Girl S.E.S. Girlfriend (걸프렌드) HyunJin YouTube Icon.png V LIVE Icon.png

Digital Song Battle (Episode 11–12)[]

Producer Song Team Name Members MV Performances Fancams
MC Mong

Like A Star

(이 밤이 지나면 / After This Night)

Excellent Vibe

(좋은 바이브)

HeeJin YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png V LIVE Icon.png
HyunJin V LIVE Icon.png

Final Battle (Episode 14)[]

Song Team Name Members MVs Performances
Come to Play (놀러와/Come Over ) Our House (우리집) HeeJin YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png (Unofficial)
Oh My God (어머나!/Omona/OMG) Universe HyunJin YouTube Icon.png YouTube Icon.png (Unofficial)

Other videos[]

Results - Episode 14 (Finale)[]

  • Male - Score: 8,114 - Winner
  • Female - Score: 7,866
Female trainees - Top 9
# Name Agency Score
1 Shin Ryu-Jin JYP Entertainment 7,866
2 Lee Soo-Min FAVE Entertainment
3 Park Soo-Min IME Korea
4 Jeon Hee-Jin BlockBerryCreative
5 Nam Yu-Jin Bace Camp Entertainment
6 Choi Moon-Hee Maroo Entertainment
7 Kim So-Ri MOLE Entertainment
8 Jang Hyo-Gyeong Star Empire Entertainment
9 Lee Ha-Young Coridel Entertainment


The winning nine-member group (boys’ team) was set to debut in April 2018.[4] However, the debut was cancelled in May due to concerns of the contract length, with YG Entertainment suggesting three years instead of the original four months of promotions.[5][6]

Both lead judge Yang Hyun-suk and guest judge Seungri were later implicated in the Burning Sun scandal of 2019, resulting in both men leaving YG Entertainment. That same year, the Produce 101 series and its executives, including MIXNINE creator Han Dong-chul,[7] were caught in the MNET voting manipulation scandal, which resulted in disbandment of one of the Produce groups and doubt to be cast on the veracity of idol-survival shows as a whole.