"Love Letter" is the second track of the single album "JinSoul". It is a duet of members JinSoul and Kim Lip.

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The title of the supporting track 'Love Letter' performed by JinSoul and Kim Lip sounds like a ballad number, but it actually is a track full of groove, created from the clash of the two girls with their unique and distinct styles.

그리고 '김립'과 '진솔'이 함께 부른 "Love Letter"는 제목만 들어선 언뜻 발라드 트랙 같지만 둘의 만남 그 자체만으로도 신선한 소녀들의 그루브를 담아내었다.

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Love Letter (Kim Lip, JinSoul) (김립, 진솔)


LOONA JinSoul & Kim Lip - Love Letter Lyrics Color Coded Han Rom Eng (LOOΠΔ 진솔 & 김립)

Made by Cosmic LOOΠΔ

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The original publisher of the song was MonoTree.
  • "Love Letter" was originally titled “Dry Flower” and its lyrics were different. The lyrics were rather sad. The duo about this:[1]
    • Kim Lip: “The lyrics were pretty too. About a dry flower, but they were too... depressing?"
    • JinSoul: "[Like a dried flower, the song is] "saying all my love for you has gone dry." With those lyrics, they said it was too sad, too sad for young girls, so it got changed to ‘Love Letter’. It was a little disappointing at the time, but still...​I’m used to ‘Love Letter’"

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