love4eva” (Hangul: 러브포에버) is the second and title track from the mini-album beauty&thebeat by LOONA’s third sub-unit, yyxy.

It was released on May 30, 2018 as the lead track of the album along with a music video on YouTube. Following the release of the music video, a choreography practice was later revealed.

The song features intro vocals by Grimes.


Stan Loona

E-TRIBE, the maestro of dance music known for producing SNSD’s “Gee”, and an upcoming production team “BADD” have collaborated to produce the track where the members of LOOΠΔ/yyxy completed “love4eva” with their various voice colors and expressive emotions. Sudden encounter of a crush. They sing that it is not just a process to get the person to love you back, but their emotion itself is what is lovable and precious.

Also, the news that one of the hippest artists in the world, Grimes, will be featuring in the track have raised a fervor in the pop scene around the globe. The beats lay on the start of the girls with blessing and grace by Grimes, the creator of her own musical universe.

The music video was shot exclusively in Budapest, Hungary with LOOΠΔ’s video director DIGIPEDI. The director capture LOOΠΔ/yyxy’s process of completing their ego, which may be a “new” “heart attack” which is “one&only” and “egoist” in their own each way.[1]

소녀시대의 ‘Gee’ 등을 만든 댄스 음악의 마에스트로 E-TRIBE와 신예 프로듀싱팀 BADD가 힘을 모아 만든 트랙 위에 이달의 소녀 yyxy 멤버들의 다양한 보이스 컬러와 감정표현으로 “love4eva”가 완성되었다. 갑작스럽게 찾아온 짝사랑. 그게 꼭 이뤄지기 위한 과정이 아니라 그 짝사랑마저 사랑스럽고 소중한 나의 감정이라고 노래한다.

그리고 현재 지구상에서 가장 힙한 아티스트 중에 한 명인 Grimes의 피처링 참여는 공개 전부터 전세계 팝 뉴스에 큰 화제가 되었는데 가장 주관있게 자신만의 유니크한 음악 세계를 만든 Grimes의 축복과 은총을 받으며 소녀들의 시작에 비트가 내린다.

뮤직비디오는 이달의 소녀 뮤직비디오 디렉터인 디지페디와 함께 헝가리 부다페스트에서 올 로케이션되었으며 새로움(new)으로, 두근거림(Heart Attack)으로, 유일함(One&Only)으로, 그리고 이기적(Egoist)일지라도 자신에 대한 다양한 감정으로 자아를 완성시켜나가는 과정을 담아냈다.



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MV 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "love4eva (feat. Grimes)"

Released on May 30, 2018


Love4eva (feat. Grimes) - 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA-yyxy)

Released on September 6, 2018


Teaser 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "love4eva (feat. Grimes)"

Released on May 24, 2018


이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA yyxy) "love4eva (feat. Grimes)" Choreography Practice

Released on May 30, 2018


  • “love4eva” is the first LOONA track to officially feature vocals from an artist outside of the group. The track features intro vocals by Canadian musician, songwriter, record producer and visual artist, Grimes.[2] On Twitter, Grimes revealed that the collaboration was a trade, suggesting that in the future, she may produce a track with LOONA’s vocals.[3]
  • The track has four different versions of the dance break. Each normal edition album randomly contains one of three versions of the dance break. The first version is the one released digitally online. The second version offers a completely different twist, with electric beats and the vocals “I'm getting in hot”. The third is described to be similar to hip hop with the vocals “Party everybody and everybody put your hands up”. The final version is jazzy in genre with beats similar to those in HeeJin’s “ViViD”and is only available in the limited edition album.
  • The song was chosen as the 17th best K-pop song of 2018 by Paper Magazine.[4]


  • Korean lyrics: Melon
  • English translation: “love4eva” MV official English captions