“Let Me In” (Hangul: 소년, 소녀; Sonyeon, sonyeo; Boy, girl) is the second and title track of the single album HaSeul by HaSeul of LOONA.


Haseul’s “Let Me In”, by the production team OREO led by Iggy who completed GFriend’s school-themed trilogy, is a blockbuster track that starts as a calm winter ballad before strings roar over like a blizzard.

Digipedi and BlockBerryCreative filmed in faraway Iceland for the music video, and fulfilled the music’s scale through the scenery of Iceland.[1]

걸그룹 ‘여자친구’의 학교 3부작을 완성한 이기의 프로듀싱팀 ‘OREO’가 만든 ‘하슬’의 “소년, 소녀”는 차분한 겨울 발라드로 시작해 눈보라처럼 스트링이 휘몰아치는 블록버스터 트랙이다.

뮤직비디오를 위해 멀리 아이슬란드까지 디지페디블록베리크리에이티브는 촬영을 진행했으며 음악의 스케일을 아이슬란드의 영상미로 완성했다.[2]



Behind The Scenes[]






  • String Arranged by: Woong Kim (웅김), Choi Myung Hee (최명희)
  • Strings: Young Strings
  • Chorus: Park Eun Woo
  • Piano: Woong Kim
  • Keyboard: Woong Kim
  • Drum Programming: Woong Kim
  • Recorded by: Iggy (이기), C-no @ OREO Studio
  • Mixed by: Jeong Jim @ J's Atelier



Teaser 이달의 소녀 하슬 (LOONA HaSeul) "소년, 소녀(Let Me In)"

Released on December 11, 2016


MV 이달의 소녀 하슬 (LOOΠΔ HaSeul) "소년, 소녀 (Let Me In)"

Released on December 14, 2016


MV 이달의 소녀 하슬 (LOONA HaSeul) "소년, 소녀 (Let Me In)" (4K Vimeo)

Released on September 30, 2019


이달의 소녀 하슬 (LOONA HaSeul) "소년, 소녀 Let Me In (100% Real Live)"

Released on April 3, 2017


  • The MV was filmed at the Sólheimasandur plane wreck in Iceland. The “XIIX” teaser with Go Won was shot in the same location.
  • The phrase “Tu ne sauras pas recommencer” (You will not know to restart) is sometimes transcribed by fans as “Tu ne sauras pas où commencer” (You will not know where to start). As there are no official lyrics for the line in question, all existing transcriptions of this line are technically speculation, and the version provided in this article is merely a best guess after careful listening.
  • The voice that says “Tu ne sauras pas recommencer” is sometimes thought to be Go Won; however, Go Won had not joined BlockBerryCreative at the time “Let Me In” was recorded, so her voice being present on the track is almost impossible.
  • This is the first music video to be filmed in an European-country, followed by Heejin, Hyunjin and HaSeul's The Carol in the United Kingdom, LOONA 1/3's Sonatine in Czech Republic and yyxy's Love4eva in Hungary.
  • HyunJin and Kim Lip initally recorded the vocals for Let Me In before it was picked as HaSeul's debut solo.[3]
  • Korean lyrics: Melon
  • English translation: “Let Me In” MV official English captions