LOOΠΔ X Study Group was the first official fan-event of LOOΠΔ (excluding fansigns). It took place on February 3rd, 2018 at 4PM in Seoul Cinema, Theater 2, with a second screening taking place at 6PM on the same day. Tickets were priced at ₩18,000[1].

The event played all LOONA Music Videos and undisclosed videos. In the first break, Chuu, Heejin and Choerry had a small talk with the fans, and in the second session Yves, Kim Lip and ViVi hosted the break.

According to information from third parties, they showed unrevealed videos such as the colorized version of Sweet Crazy Love and the Choreography Version of Singing in the Rain, Heart Attack and One & Only.

Announcement poster[]

LOOΠΔ X Study Group was first announced through social media.


Signed MD Booklet merchandise was available at the event

Revealed Trivia[]