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이달의 소녀 / LOOΠΔ
LOONA (Hangul: 이달의 소녀), stylized as LOOΠΔ, is a South Korean girl group created by BlockBerryCreative. The group is currently composed of 12 members: HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye; and three sub-units: LOOΠΔ 1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE and yyxy.
From October 2016 until June 2018, each member of the group was revealed along with a solo single album and a music video for the title track. The complete group debuted on August 19, 2018 after holding their debut concert, LOONAbirth. They held their first comeback with [X X].
Girl of the Month
Chuu debut photo 2.png

Chuu (Hangul: 츄), born as Kim Ji-Woo (김지우) is the tenth member of the girl group LOONA.

Born on October 20, 1999 in North Chungcheong, South Korea, she was revealed as the tenth member on December 14, 2017, and later officially released her solo single Chuu with lead song “Heart Attack” on December 28, 2017. Read more

Hi High page image.png

“Hi High” is the second and title track from the mini-album [+ +] by LOONA. It was released on August 20, 2018. Read more

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-MV- LOONA (今月の少女) "HULA HOOP"

Date Event Time KST
1 LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Los Angeles Day 1
2 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Los Angeles Day 2
4 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - San Francisco
6 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Denver
7 🎟️🇯🇵 LOONA 1st Live: LOONA THE WORLD IN TOKYO Orbit Japan pre-order period ends 12PM
8 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Kansas City
9 💿🇯🇵 “SICK LOVE” release
11 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Chicago
13 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Louisville
15 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Reading
17 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Washington, DC
18 🕊🎉 HaSeul’s 25th birthday
19 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - New York
20 💿🎉 [+ +] release anniversary
21 🫰 KCON 2022 in LA
23 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Atlanta
25 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Dallas
26 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Houston
28 ⌛ LOONATHEWORLD Tour - Mexico City

LOONA Amino link photo.png

[UPDATE] Additional Stops Added for '2022 LOONA 1st World Tour: [LOONATHEWORLD] in USA' - K-Pop Concerts - - 2022/08/08 19:37

[UPDATE] Additional Stops Added for '2022 LOONA 1st World Tour: [LOONATHEWORLD] in USA'  K-Pop Concerts...

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Apink's Bomi & Chorong, LOONA's Heejin & Olivia Hye, Billlie's Moon Sua & Tsuki, and more reenact their childhood pictures for '1st Look Magazine'  allkpop...

Why is LOONA's Chuu Not Touring With the Group? - We Got This Covered - - 2022/07/26 07:00

Why is LOONA's Chuu Not Touring With the Group?  We Got This Covered...

LOONA talk preparing for their first-ever world tour 'LOONATHEWORLD,' 'Queendom 2,' and more - Bandwagon - - 2022/07/25 07:00

LOONA talk preparing for their first-ever world tour 'LOONATHEWORLD,' 'Queendom 2,' and more  Bandwagon...

Idol groups with more than 10 members - allkpop - - 2022/07/22 16:06

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