LOONA TV #572 is the five-hundred-seventy-second episode of LOONA TV.

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The members of LOONA arrive in two groups to the YES24 Live Hall, where the LOONA Premier Greeting: Meet & Up was held. The first group consists of YeoJin, Choerry, Kim Lip, Chuu, HyunJin and HeeJin, while the second group consists of Olivia Hye, Yves, JinSoul, ViVi, HaSeul and Go Won.

Now inside, Yves, Go Won, HaSeul and Olivia Hye are discussing seeing the fans lined up outside waiting. Olivia Hye says she heard that they had been in line since the day before the event, and how they must be cold as a result. Yves jokes about how while Olivia Hye is saying this, she is wearing a scarf and shearling coat, and how she was so worried for the fans she took her coat off her left shoulder. Olivia Hye responds by saying Yves was relaxing and drinking coffee.

Go Won mentions how she saw the line was so long, only for Yves to point out that she was sleeping, so couldn't have possibly seen it. Go Won denies this while shifting her eyes around. Despite this, Olivia Hye says that they will be perform their best, with the other members agreeing their performance will warm fans up.

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