LOONA TV #571 is the five-hundred-seventy-first episode of LOONA TV.

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HaSeul states to the camera that she is nervous, and that timing is the most important thing. As she says this, Olivia Hye walks in with a giant birthday 'card' for ViVi's birthday, which JinSoul describes as scary. Olivia Hye remarks that it is a warning sign.

Meanwhile, at another part of the set, ViVi is filming something different, and is clueless about what is going on. The other members all walk in singing 'Happy Birthday', while ViVi starts laughing.

ViVi, with cake now on her face, states that she couldn't see her name at first, so she wasn't sure what was going on. She says that as she wasn't aware of it beforehand, she is happy. Olivia Hye hands her a birthday card, then hides off-camera as she doesn't like being focused on when she is doing good things.

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