LOONA TV #521 is the five-hundred-twenty-first episode of LOONA TV.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Chuu asks JinSoul what's up with her and her huge doll and shows the mini-ear of hers. They then try lowering their seat and suprised that it works, commenting that this is such a luxurious bus. JinSoul says that she could go to festivals every day provided these luxurious buses and LOONA are all hyped now because it's been a while since they performed Hi High and favOriTe and meet Orbits (while Chuu is making some noises, as always).  Choerry, who was starring at ChuuSoul from before, takes the camcorder, saying that everyone was so hyped up because this feels like a field trip to them, so she is excited too, so she got herself some snack (Haribo gummies) 

HyunJin savagely says she doesn't know if that was a bus or rollercoaster because the bus hits a bump in the road.

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