LOONA TV 436 is the four-hundred-thirty-sixth episode of LOONA TV.


YeoJin and Yves laugh and talk about how they have to tilt the camera so that both of them can be shown (because of their height difference), they also talk about the part they share together in their songs such as 9 (열기) where Yves needs to hide behind YeoJin but her head is still pretty much visible and in Hi High's choreography about how important the camera angle is. They think it's a killing part of the song and will work hard so that orbits can remember it when listening to it. They make more jokes about their height difference, that Yves needss to have 5 meters and YeoJin 1 meter so the part gets even better. Finally they think of a name for the two of them and YeoJin comes up with YiYeo, which both of them agree.



  • It's in this episode YiYeo came up with its pairing name.