LOONA TV 435 is the four-hundred-thirty-fifth episode of LOONA TV.

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HeeJin and Go Won are playing around and dancing Hi High's coreography together. After, they ask if they look alike, which Kim Lip doesn't agree at first but then notices they have similar teeth. The two of them laugh and say it's because they were born in 2000. Kim Lip asks to join them but they answer she had to born one year later (she was born in 1999). Choerry and Olivia Hye come and talk about how the first is going to sing Rosy along with the other ODD EYE CIRCLE members. Choerry provokes Olivia Hye for singing her part which answers with a sad "okay" making her laugh. In the next scene, HaSeul says it's a "blur party" because of all the mirrors showing the staff. She senses someone calling her which turns out to be YeoJin, asking for help with something (possibly clothes or mic) making HaSeul laugh for her to come all this way just for that. Almost in the end, we see a quick clip of Chuu greeting the camera and making sound effects in her natural aegyo.

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