LOONA TV #379 is the three-hundred-seventy-ninth episode of LOONA TV.

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Each of the members of the Up unit (HeeJin, HyunJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Yves, and Olivia Hye) arrive on set. Olivia Hye says that despite being the youngest member there, she is the tallest, and has lots of potential as she is still growing.

During the photo shoot, he director jokes about how HyunJin looks like she is having her photo taken for her high school graduation.

Once their photo shoot is complete, the members start commenting on the hot temperatures. HyunJin mentions how you have to eat ice cream when it is hot, and fans the camera to cool us down. Kim Lip and JinSoul reminisce about the heat during their shooting for ODD EYE CIRCLE, joking about how extreme it was.

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