LOONA TV 336 is the three-hundred-thirty-sixth episode of LOONA TV.

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Yyxy is now going to travel to Budapest, Hungary to shoot their MVs. They feel very excited and Yves says her and Olivia Hye have never been abroad. They wonder how long the flight will be and Chuu is shocked when they tell her it's about 12-13 hours long. Next, they visit a duty free shop in the airport. There Go Won asks if she looks ok, but Olivia Hye is filming her upside down. Now, they start showing the camera various cosmetic produts, which Yves seems to not kow well. Olivia Hye is uninterested and feels hungry. In the next scene, Yves starts to mimick Olivia Hye when she is talking to the manager, using a tired tone.

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