LOONA TV 327 is the three-hundred-twenty-seventh episode of LOONA TV.


It's the first day of shooting for the music video of Egoist, and the episode starts with Yves, Chuu and Go Won. Go Won says how Olivia Hye is preparing in the background, and the camera switches its focus to Olivia. Yves notes how it's hard to be on LOONA TV when it's your era, but when your LOONA TV era finishes, it's easier. Once Yves leaves, Chuu chats to the camera while she leads Go Won to the window. Immediately once Chuu tries to open the window, they get hit with a gust of wind. The episode cuts to Chuu, saying how filming outside will be difficult before cutting again to her dancing with Go Won. Olivia nonchalantly dances with them, and Chuu tells her that she has to learn it. Olivia quickly says wolves don't dance like them, and both Go Won and Chuu jokingly correct her as the episode ends.