LOONA TV #316 is the three-hundred-seventeenth episode of LOONA TV.

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While Olivia Hye is having her hair done for her photo-shoot, Yves and Chuu are sat on a picnic table outside, talking about how nice the weather is. Go Won, filming them both, asks what they are doing, with Chuu saying saying they are 'feeling spring'. Yves is pulling on a wheelbarrow, saying she is 'dragging spring here'. Meanwhile, Go Won complains that the area Chuu is in has too much of a wintry atmosphere.

Now inside, Chuu attempts to use a rotary phone by pushing the individual buttons. After being shown by the director that the dial is instead turned, she 'makes' a phone call to her mother. Chuu claims her mother told her not to skip meals, and wished her well with her photo-shoot. Yves questions how all this was said in such a short time, joking that Chuu's mother must be a rapper. Chuu and Go Won then imitate this.

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