LOONA TV 306 is the three-hundred-sixth episode of LOONA TV.

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Kim Lip asks for JinSoul to not zoom the camera too much or else she will feel pressured. She asks her if she's ashamed in an aegyo voice and then wonders if the director will recognize her voice. Sitting from the other side of the sofa, Go Won and Chuu imitate Tamama from Keroro Gunsou and Kim Lip gets frustated by it. Choerry does it too and Kim Lip gets surprised because it sounds like a grandma. In the next scene, JinSoul is with Choerry and says she looks like she is in a good mood, which agrees saying she feels great because it's the first time all the 12 girls are doing something together. JinSoul asks what is Choerry's most attractive feature and the second asnwers that she is inseparable from positiveness. Then she asks the same question to JinSoul, which thinks it is "stupidness" and when Choerry starts laughing she adds that it's her eyebrows too.

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