LOONA TV #294 is the two-hundred-ninety-fourth episode of LOONA TV.

Summary[edit | edit source]

YeoJin goes to begin filming her portion of the Up & Line teaser video. She is nervous and excited, having not done any filming for a long time. HaSeul watches from the sidelines and cheers her on with some "Kiss Later" choreography. However, YeoJin is suddenly being lead away from the set crying, and HaSeul goes over to check on her. YeoJin sobs that the studio is too cold for her to move her body well, and she's upset and frustrated that she couldn't do her best during the shoot. Back in the waiting room, HaSeul and Yves try to encourage YeoJin, with HaSeul having YeoJin give a half-hearted "fighting!" to the camera. Later, YeoJin seems to have recovered and returns back to her loud self.

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