LOONA TV #293 is the two-hundred-ninety-third episode of LOONA TV.

Summary[edit | edit source]

YeoJin shows HeeJin and ViVi the "hot pack dance" to make one's hot pack nice and warm. ViVi and HeeJin tell YeoJin that the best way to warm the hot pack is actually in one's pocket, and that the dance is unnecessary. Back in the waiting room, YeoJin shows off HaSeul's wand, and ViVi tentatively calls her cute. YeoJin then leans on Choerry, telling her she's cute. YeoJin also tells Yves and Go Won that she likes them, too. While sitting next to Chuu, YeoJin carefully picks something out of Chuu's hair, and JinSoul teases her for it. Chuu leans into the camera and whispers that YeoJin looks like "a baby".

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