LOONA TV #289 is the two-hundred-eighty-ninth episode of LOONA TV.


HyunJin prepares to film her portion of the Up & Line teaser with a cat partner. After visiting the cat with HeeJin, HyunJin declares that she wants to raise four cats, the same number as members of LOONA 1/3. On set, HyunJin holds the cat with difficulty at first, as the animal didn't want to stay where he was placed. The cat draws a crowd of other members, and ViVi says she felts like he is "tickling [her] heart." Once the cat calms down, HyunJin finishes her shoot successful. Walking away from the set, HyunJin says she wants to raise a cat soon, along with a lion and a cheetah. However, she notices her hands are covered in fur, and rethinks her plans.