LOONA TV #286 is the two-hundred-eighty-sixth episode of LOONA TV.

Summary[edit | edit source]

HeeJin shows her "shocking" makeup to the camera, which is "stronger than usual" and features green contacts. HeeJin explains that the concept for her upcoming shoot is "a cruel fairy tale," and will have her working with a black rabbit. YeoJin nicknames HeeJin "GeomKki" (검끼), which HeeJin doesn't understand; YeoJin explains that it's a play on her previous nickname "HeeKki" (희끼), but instead with 검/geom from 검은/geomeun, meaning "black" ("Kki" being from tokki/토끼, "rabbit").

HeeJin then goes to find her rabbit partner and tries to bond with him so they can work well together during their scene. Yves points out something that looks like rabbit poop in the cage.

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