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Announcement Poster

LOOΠΔ Studio was an event held by LOONA from November 23-25, 2018 at Hongdae MOV Hall in Seoul, South Korea. It was described to be "a special moment that will make your day perfect with LOOΠΔ's 100% real live!"

During each Hertz session, the members covered songs and talked about themselves. Fans were also able to ask questions and make requests as a Kakao Talk chat room was opened for the attendees.

Announcement and SaleEdit

On October 16, 2018, LOONA released the official announcement poster on social media. On October 31 at 8:00pm (KST), general admissions opened. Leading up to the event, small teasers were periodically released in the form of LOONAKick episodes.


1/3 Hertz Edit

  • "Fairy Tale"
  • "Mr. Chocolate, Ms. Orange (by ViVi)" (original by Milk Tea)
  • "Through the Night (by HeeJin)" (original by IU)
  • "Bang Bang Bang (by LOONA 1/3)" (original by BIGBANG)
  • "Across the Universe (by HaSeul)" (original by Baek Yerin)
  • "Violet Fragrance (by HyunJin)" (original by Wable, Replay 1998 OST)
  • "Officially Missing You, Too (by LOONA 1/3)" (original by Geeks & Soyou)
  • "Rain 51Db"
  • "Love & Live"


YeoJin + SECRET Hertz Edit

yyxy Hertz Edit

LOONA Herzt (whole group) Edit


All merchandise from LOONA Studio was designed by hanavbara.

  • Button Pin set
  • Postcard & Stamp Booklet set
  • Polaroid set

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