LOOΠΔ Concert [LOOΠΔVERSE] is LOONA's second concert. It was held on February 16–17, 2019 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. All tickets to this event cost ₩110,000(~$98.58 at the time).

It was described as "LOONA, who officially announced their debut with LOOΠΔbirth, is coming back with the new stage LOOΠΔVERSE, 12 girls, three different units, and one group. From LOONA's birth to now, it is time to listen to their future story at their special stage. We are officially inviting you to LOONA's world, the LOOΠΔVERSE." This concert was also set to introduce LOONA's first comeback release, [X X].

Announcement and Sale[]

On January 3, 2019, LOONA released the official announcement poster on social media and the fan cafe. Later, on January 15, pre-sales opened for registered Orbit 1.0 members, with public sale being opened two days later on January 17.


* - HaSeul substituted in for Yves on Day 2.
** - YeoJin was unable to participate on Day 1.


  • Slogan
  • Mini poster set
  • Illustrated poster set
  • Photo set
  • ID photo set
  • Hoodie
  • 1/3 Button set
  • OEC Button set
  • yyxy Button Set
  • YeoJin Button (Must buy other three sets)
  • Smart phone ring
  • Wristband
  • Mirror
  • Key ring
  • Stamp
  • Orbit exclusive Scratch Card:
    • Full member polaroid set (x5)
    • 1 random signed photocard (x1000)
    • Concert poster (x1002)


  • The teaser image of Go Won with a butterfly covering her mouth is possibly a reference to the poster for The Silence of the Lambs.
  • On the first day of the concert, YeoJin and Yves had a collision during "favOriTe". YeoJin suffered a minor ankle injury and Yves had a broken nose. Sadly, both were unable to participate in a few of the performances the next day. It was later confirmed the two were fine and nothing too serious had happened.[1]