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Mobius Strip

The LOOΠΔVERSE is the fictional universe the members of LOONA live in. It is depicted through their music videos and teasers. Its existence was officially announced on April 26, 2017, but was given its name on May 22 of the same year.

Since the lore of the LOONAVERSE can be interpreted in many different ways, many Orbits have begun to theorize what the music videos entail, and how each member's story intertwines with each other. This part of the article covers the biggest and most popular theories on the LOONA music videos and the timeline of events in the LOONAVERSE.


The LOONAVERSE is a universe that exists on a möbius strip. The members of LOONA 1/3 reside on earth and portray realistic girls that can be found on streets or at schools. ODD EYE CIRCLE lives between earth and space, aka the middle earth. They display changing and mutative characteristics while suggesting love should be taken control of instead of being passive. Lastly, yyxy inhabit a 'utopia', known as 'Edenism', beyond earth and the middle earth. They decide to escape their 'Eden' in order to discover themselves.


Official videos that have been connected to the LOONAVERSE.

Title Type Released
"ViViD" Music video October 4, 2016
"Around You" Music video November 16, 2016
"I'll Be There" Music video November 16, 2016
"Let Me In" Music video December 14, 2016
"The Carol" Music video December 14, 2016
"Kiss Later" Music video January 16, 2016
"My Sunday" Music video January 17, 2016
"My Melody" Music video January 18, 2016
"Love & Live" Music video March 12, 2017
"Everyday I Love You (Feat. HaSeul)" Music video April 16, 2017
"Sonatine" Music video April 27, 2017
"Everyday I Need You (Feat. JinSoul)" Music video May 13, 2017
"Eclipse" Music video May 22, 2017
"Singing in the Rain" Music video June 25, 2017
"Love Cherry Motion" Music video July 27, 2017
"Reveal" Teaser August 29, 2017
"Girl Front" Music video September 20, 2017
"Sweet Crazy Love" Music video October 30, 2017
"new" Music video November 27, 2017
"Heart Attack" Music video December 27, 2017
"One&Only" Music video January 29, 2018
"Egoist (feat. JinSoul)" Music video March 29, 2018
"love4eva (feat. Grimes)" Music video May 30, 2018
"one" - July 13, 2018
"Hi High" Music video August 20, 2018
"X1X" Teaser December 31, 2018
"XIIX" Teaser January 10, 2019
"XIIIX" Teaser January 20, 2019
"XIVX" Teaser January 30, 2019

Unofficially released videos relating to the LOONAVERSE.

Title Event
"ViVi Letter to Hong Kong" Cinema Theory
"See Saw" Cinema Theory
"Starlight" Cinema Theory


There is no official timeline of the LOONAVERSE that Blockberry Creative has confirmed, but instead we are given clues through member reveals, music videos, and teasers about the sequence of events in this world. Many different people have begun to theorize what events in the LOONAVERSE impacted what, and how every bit of lore fits together.

Twinfish's Timeline


Twinfish's Timeline

According to Twinfish, creator of the most popular and thorough LOONAVERSE theory, the order in which each LOONA member was released was not a mistake, and is the timeline of events in the LOONAVERSE. ("There are no simultaneous happenings. Aside from the two Carols, everything is happening like a domino effect. When one thing happens it triggers another addition to the LOONAVERSE."[1])

ViViDAround YouI'll Be ThereLet Me InThe CarolKiss LaterLove & LiveEveryday I Love YouSonatineEveryday I Love You → ViVi's Letter to Hong Kong → Sweet Crazy LoveEclipseSinging in the RainLove Cherry Motion → "Reveal" Teaser → Girl FrontLOONATIC → Love & Live Remix → Starlight VCR → NewHeart AttackSee SawOne & OnlyEgoistLove4eva → ONE (Cinema Theory Busan)

Croissant de LOONA's Timeline

Croissant de LOONA is a theorist who helped to break down Bragen's Color Theory, which has become the foundation of most popular LOONAVERSE lore theories.[2] Their timeline bases less on the occurrences during the music videos and more on a specific order of events that happen outside of the videos that we are given clues on during the videos themselves.

(Creation of Heejin) → ViViD → (Creation of ViVi, Yves, Olivia Hye) → Egoist → (Creation of Kim Lip, JinSoul, Hyunjin) → EclipseSinging in the Rain → (Creation of Go Won, Chuu) → Around You → (Creation of Choerry) → Love Cherry MotionGirl Front → (Creation of Yeojin and Haseul) → EgoistLove & Live

Caskerbox's Timeline


Caskerbox is a popular animator and Orbit on Youtube, who created a Cinema Map of the majority of the LOONAVERSE in great detail. Though their map is unfinished, this is what the beginning of their timeline looks like. Their timeline bases mostly on location, especially during the 1/3 era, in which each member have representative locations in which their music videos take place in.

ViViDAround YouI'll Be ThereLet Me InThe CarolKiss LaterMy MelodyMy SundayLove & LiveYou and Me TogetherEveryday I Love YouSonatineRain 51DbEveryday I Need YouEclipseSinging in the RainLove Cherry Motion → Odd Eye Circle Reveal Teaser

Erica T's Timeline


Erica T is a Youtuber who does piano covers, album unboxings, and the occasional LOONA theory video. Her timeline is a very unique take on the LOONAVERSE, starting out with the ODD EYE CIRCLE and ending with Egoist, contrary to most theorists who believe that events take place in order of reveal/release of music videos. Her timeline is also interesting since it has events overlapping each other and occurring at the same time with parallel universes, unlike other theories which coincide more with a "domino effect".

Izzy Oswin's Timeline

Izzy Oswin was one of the first ever LOONA theorists who broke down the LOONAVERSE based on a little-known theory; LOONA members' representative months. Each LOONA member was revealed and later released a single in a month, which became that members' so-called "month", which would make sense, since LOONA's Korean name translates to "Girl of the Month". But most believe this idea started to fall apart when there was more than one member per month, for example HyunJin being revealed in November 2016 and Yves in November of 2017. But Izzy Oswin's unique theory states that this was on purpose, and that in fact the members of LOONA have one year to meet and debut together, and if they fail then the year is reset, in sort of a continuous cycle. And of note, due to ViViD being released in October that is when the year officially starts, meaning the girls have until the next October to meet as twelve.

Year 1:
October: ViViDcreation of the primary colors Sweet Crazy LoveEclipseSinging in the RainLove Cherry Motion
November: Around YouYou and Me Together
December: Let Me InThe Carol
January: Kiss Later
Feburary: Everyday I Love You
March: Love & Live
May: Eclipse
June: Singing in the Rain
July: Love Cherry Motion
September: Girl Front OEC manage to get everyone together in hopes of creating LOONA, but they fail since they can't find yyxy, the year restarts
Year 2:
November: new
December: Heart Attack
January: One & Only
February: love4eva
March: Egoist
August: Hi High


Videos Analysis

Music Videos

Almost all of LOONA's pre-debut music videos have some importance to the lore of the LOONAVERSE. Since everything is up to interpretation, each music video will be broken down by the most popular orbit theories, and we will attempt to summarize complex and vast theories into a single article, while also adding other information to help contextualize and stitch together a concise theory that most Orbits and theorists can agree on. Furthermore, the website LOONArium allows Orbits to add annotations to teasers and music videos.

Due to many of the theories overlapping, a "main theory" will be compiled of the most popular theories, with credits given creating a sufficient and cohesive plot of the LOONAVERSE. There will also be other smaller theories that will be mentioned as well below the main theory, such as easter eggs and so forth. But again, we are just summarizing and highly recommend checking out any of the theorists mentioned, as their content goes more in-depth into the LOONAVERSE than this article.

Pre-LOONA 1/3 era

LOONA 1/3 era


yyxy era

LOONA OT12 era

Cinema Theory



Each member of LOONA plays a character in the LOONAVERSE by the same name. These are descriptions of each member and how they impact the LOONAVERSE based on the internet's most popular LOONAVERSE theorists.

Sub-Units Roles

Three units were revealed so far.


Three locations were revealed so far.

Other Lore

There's always more to explore outside of the music videos and members of LOONA. In these articles we will be exploring the inner workings of the LOONAVERSE and the information Blockberry Creative gives us about the secrets of this world.

Future Predictions

In an interview with DAZED, JinSoul stated "I can tell you that this is not the end, rather just a beginning. There could be a new unit with different combinations, for example, HyunJin and I could be a new unit."[6] This simple statement sheds a light on how the LOONAVERSE works and as a whole, the future of LOONA. As mentioned in Cultural References this suggests the idea of reincarnation, where people or creatures are born again once they die. Their body stays on earth but their spirit or soul is given to a new creature until that organism dies, in a continuous cycle.

With the idea of the LOONAbirth we could end up seeing a "LOONAdeath" and then a rebirth or a reincarnation of the LOONA members into new subunits, new roles, new colors, and new animals. The LOONA we see now could look very different in a year's time. We could currently be in "Phase 1" of LOONA, with future phases and versions of LOONA to come.

More Sources for Theories

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