yyxy are the mirror image to LOONA 1/3. They represent the darkness in the LOONAVERSE and tell the story of Adam and Eve, with each member eating their representative fruits and being outcasted by the rest of LOONA. They represent youth and the naivety and boldness of youth.


The members of yyxy are known for wearing yellow plaid outfits with black shoes.



In each member of yyxy's music videos, we see each member eating their or another member's representative fruit. We see Yves eating red apples in new, Chuu eating a green apple and a strawberry in Heart Attack, Go Won eating a pineapple slice in One&Only, and Olivia Hye eating a blood plum in Egoist.

The fruits themselves represent the members leaving the garden of Eden, as they eat the fruit to become enlightened. As described in the analyses of new, Heart Attack, One&Only, and Egoist, when the girls eat their fruit, endulging on themselves and giving into temptations, their entire music video changes. We see Yves outside walking with boys, Chuu befriending Yves, Go Won accepting Yves, and Olivia Hye's music video turn red. The fruits were the key they needed to unlock the door of freedom and self-love.

Lastly in New by Yves we see her official fruit numerous times. She eats many apples during the M/V and we also see her dropping an apple. In Heart Attack she was also being offered an apple by Chuu that was green. This also has to do with Adam and Eve (Yves) also coming from the meaning of her name Eve, as an act of defiance.

It's also important to mention Choerry's connection to yyxy, as she is the only person outside of the sub unit to have a fruit. We see her in new and in the Starlight VCR, showing Yves giving her an apple, and we then see her again in One&Only, hanging from the ceiling, similar to her representative animal, a fruit bat.


As described by the members and BBC themselves, yyxy represents a new DNA sequence, showing the life and energy of youth.

The name yyxy itself symbolizes the girls, the first two y's being Yves and Chuu, together. The X is representative of Go Won, as we know her animal is a butterfly, and in the LOONAVERSE the letter and symbol of X is tied closely with butterflies. The final y is Olivia Hye, who is similar to Yves and Chuu, but she remains separated by Go Won's X.

We see this idea of yyxy representing DNA once again inforced by dlrowehtanool and the Eden DNA.

Mirror of 1/3[]

Throughout love4eva we see a parallel between the music video and that of Love & Live. In both music videos the first three girls (HeeJin, HyunJin, and HaSeul or Yves, Chuu, and Go Won) are seen together and connected in some way, whether that is being human or their desire to escape Eden. We see ViVi and Olivia Hye being the outsiders in this situation, and just like how the actual letters of yyxy are representations of the girls, the letters of LOONA 1/3 symbolize the members of that sub unit.

In Korean, the fraction of 1/3 would be flipped to 3/1, showing three members (HeeJin, HyunJin, and HaSeul) on one side, YeoJin as the "/" and ViVi shown by herself as 1.

While ViVi holds love and compassion and is able to turn her feelings into something positive, like helping JinSoul, Olivia Hye's representative emotion is anger, making her blame the other members for her isolation. We see these themes reinforced through Everyday I Love You. Egoist, and even the characters in the LOONAVERSE themselves. Everyday I Love You is light, happy, and a love story between ViVi and a boy. Egoist is dark and industrial, showing Olivia Hye's frustration bloom and her feelings of betrayal and anger. While ViVi's animal is a deer, a shy, kind herbivore, Olivia Hye's animal is a wolf, a lonely predator. ViVi's color is a light pink, a sign of love and innocence, where Olivia Hye's color is gray, a sign of darkness and loneliness.

The Garden of Eden[]



Member Species Representative Animal Color Fruit Emotion
Yves (이브) Human Swan Burgundy Apple Faith
Chuu (츄) Human Penguin Peach Strawberry Love
Go Won (고원) Human Butterfly Eden Green Pineapple Hope
Olivia Hye (올리비아 혜) Fallen Angel Wolf Silver (main)
Black (sub)[1] (sub)
Blood Plum Anger


  • BBC hasn't made any official statement on the names of representative colors, though most of the member colors are common and appear consistently in medium so there is hardly any arguement. However, these following members' colors have raised some debate. 
  • Turquoise is closer to Go Won's color, yet Eden Green (which is a lot darker) makes more sense in the LOONAverse
  • Olivia Hye's color appears to be inconsistent in teaser photos (some are black, some are grey, the greys varied); thus it can be either silver, grey or black. Some people even believe that it's the whole spectrum from the whitest grey to black. It was later confirmed silver in her main color, while black is her secondary one.


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