ODD EYE CIRCLE is made up of three current members and one former member. They are between light and darkness, and therefore interact with both. They live in the middle earth.


We can see ODD EYE CIRCLE as the primary colors. They're the ones who helped HeeJin to create the LOONAVERSE in the first place, and the members who helped her create the other girls. For example, mixing JinSoul's blue and HyunJin's yellow to create HaSeul.


HeeJin created the three girls to watch over the LOONAVERSE together and yet they defy her, first with JinSoul in Sweet Crazy Love, when Olivia talks to her. Later Choerry is lured by Yves into doing her bidding, and even though Kim Lip is unaffected by the darkness, she is still complicit, as she is the leader of OEC and is aware of their actions, yet doesn't tell HeeJin.


The members of ODD EYE CIRCLE are known for wearing white school uniforms with skirts matching their representative color, as well as white canvas shoes.


Member Species Representative Animal Color Superpower
Kim Lip (김립) Human Owl Red Time Travel
JinSoul (진솔) Human Blue Betta Blue (main)
Black (sub)
Space Travel
Choerry (최리) Human Fruit Bat Purple (main)
White (sub)
Dimensional Travel
HyunJin (현진) Human Cat Yellow Dimensional Travel
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